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Kris Gethin's 8-Week Hardcore Trainer FAQs!

Earlier this year, Kris Gethin completely revised his most iconic training program and shortened it by four weeks. If you've had any questions about the new-and-improved version of Gethin Hardcore, your answers are right here!



FST-7 Big And Ripped Essentials: Upper Body

Build your best torso, from perfect bicep peaks to a massive lat spread, by applying these upper-body concepts to any phase of training! All the best FST-7 techniques for your upper body are right here.



Lift As Strong As You Look

Everyone wants massive density and perfect definition—and, of course, to maintain incredible strength. Learn the secrets to having it all from a world record-holding powerlifter.



3 Bizarre Splits To Help You Break Your Plateau

Not seeing results with the same old workout schedule? Try something new and break free from your tired routine.



What Every Bodybuilder Needs To Know About Running

Kris Gethin has fundamentally changed his approach to cardio in recent months, but if you think he's lost his gains as well, you're sorely mistaken. Here's what he says every lifter should learn!



Podcast Episode 25: Jim Stoppani on Daily Full-Body Training, Fasting, And More

Dr. Jim Stoppani brings plenty of energy—and plenty of gummy bears—to the recording studio. He's been espousing the virtues of full-body, near-daily workouts in recent months, and says it could just be the best training technique out there—if you do it right. He also goes deep into the science and practice of intermittent fasting, which allows him to stay lean and energetic well into his fifties!



Kris Gethin: Man Of Iron, Week 16

He came, he saw, he conquered. Four months after beginning his training, Kris has completed a Half Ironman, and gained some wisdom in the process. Listen to him and learn from him.



More Fitness Buffs Than Ever Are Getting Rhabdo (And It's Not At CrossFit)

Rhabdomyolysis is a rare but serious condition caused by muscle tissue damage that is becoming more common among elite and novice athletes who push themselves beyond their limits in a wide range of athletic settings.



Pro Tips For Getting Back To The Grind—The Good Grind

You worked hard to bring your best body to the beach this summer. What you did once you got there is another story. Cellucor athletes Craig Capurso and Jen Jewell know how to get you back on the road to fitness at the end of the season.



Podcast Episode 24: The Art of the Everyday Workout with Kizzito Ejam

Longtime athlete Kizzito Ejam stops by to discuss his unique rest-day-free approach to training. He's been both lifting and doing cardio daily—sometimes twice a day—for years, and he tells us how he's made it work, while also sharing plenty of laughs along the way.



Kris Gethin: Man Of Iron, Week 13

A baker's dozen worth of weeks into this project, and Kris is hitting his stride. His workouts are as intense and punishing as ever, he's more confident in open water than ever before, and even his "bad days" biking or running are productive.



Jim Stoppani's Whole-Body H.I.T. Blitz

That's one I, not two. Go low in volume and insanely high in intensity for more muscle and less fat with this five-day program!



Training Tips To Match Your Body Type

Are you an ectomorph, endomorph, or mesomorph? The type of body you were born with can have a big impact on how effective your workout will be. Develop a program that matches your body type and get ready for some big gains!



Dramatically Boost The Mind-Muscle Connection By Making One Small Change

This elusive concept has the power to recruit more muscle fibers and unlock massive gains. But it's not always easy to do! This one simple technique can help.



Kris Gethin: Man Of Iron, Week 12

Kris Gethin never fails to throw his full effort into each set and rep. But when the goal is to be a Man of Iron, he has three times the opportunities to test his limits. This week, after a full slate of hard training, he leaps right into an impromptu Olympic-distance tri.



The One Thing You Need To Do To Boost Your Big Lifts

All it takes is a pencil, or a smartphone, to do this during your workout. But few lifters actually give it a second thought, and they wonder why they don't seem to be getting bigger and stronger. No more!



Kris Gethin: Man Of Iron, Week 11

A 10-mile run on Saturday. Cycling 80 miles and a three-mile run on Sunday. Chest, tris, and swimming bright and early Monday morning. That's the life Kris Gethin is leading right now, and sometimes, the sheer workload is even hard for him, the master of high-volume training, to wrap his brain around.



Everything You Know About Cooling Down Is Wrong

Forget everything you thought you knew about cooling down. Recent research indicates it's less about reducing muscle soreness and more about kicking off your recovery.



Kris Gethin: Man Of Iron, Week 10

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor a very long plane ride can keep Kris from completing his daily workout.



10 Killer Ways To Take Your Fitness Outside This Summer

C'mon, the sunshine and warm temperatures are practically begging you break a sweat outdoors. Check out these activities for having fitness fun in the sun.



The Rules Of Bodyweight Bodybuilding

Is a bodyweight bodybuilder even a thing? It sure is! Here's how Danny Kavadlo helped craft one athlete's physique to take home the top prize!



The 5-System: Run The Rack For More Muscle

Add intensity to any workout with Jim Stoppani's unique pump protocol. Do it with curls, raises, rows, presses, or any other dumbbell move you can think up. Choose your exercise and increase your results!



The Six-Pack Redefined

Heavy lifting. Hard, time-efficient cardio. Targeted nutrition and supp choices. That's what builds today's IG-worthy abs, and it's what will carve out yours, too.



7 Tips To Help You Pack On More Plates During Your Next Workout

If you want to get stronger and build more muscle, focus on adding weights to the bar with these tips.