Meg Squats Steps Up To The Platform

On the eve of her biggest comp of the year, the YouTube star and devotee of the heavy lifting life talks with us about prep, protein bars, and how good it feels to buckle down and say no to distraction.



The Best Way To Bring Up Lagging Body Parts

To create a balanced bodybuilder physique, you need to understand why some of your muscles are not as developed as others, choose exercises that target these weaker muscles, and then do those exercises a lot, at least at first. Awards 2018: All Access Program of the Year

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What supplement company are you trusting most with your gains this year? Here's what you said.



Beach Built: The 9 Best Training Moves From Muscle Beach

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Meet The Powerlifting Grandma, And Train Like Her!

The weight room's newest superhero doesn't wear a cape, or even a stringer tank. It's Meg Squats starring as the powerlifting grandma, who's blowing minds and burying stereotypes one heavy rep at a time!



True Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

Al Kavadlo isn't just a bodyweight specialist. He's a personal trainer with 15 years in the trenches. Here are three hard truths he's learned along the way!



The Brute Strength Showdown: Bodybuilding Versus CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, And Powerlifting

Watch athlete Lawrence Ballenger go head-to-head against elite strength athletes in this unique and hilarious gauntlet of strength and athleticism!



Podcast Episode 49: Abel Albonetti on How He Earned (and keeps) Those Abs

Fitness model Abel Albonetti stops by to share his fitness story and give some insight into training a certain muscle group he gets asked about constantly.



4 Ways to Reduce Your Recovery Time

Follow these recovery-speeding habits and gain a huge advantage in your training.



4 Time-Tested Strategies To Boost Your Bench!

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Power Up Your Mind-Muscle Connection For Greater Gains

To build maximum muscle, you must know how to establish a connection between your mind and your muscles. These tricks and tips will up your mental game and help you get the most from every lift.



Kick Cardio To The Curb. Do Conditioning Like This Instead.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the reason 90 percent of you are on the treadmill is both wrong and ineffective. That goes for HIIT, too! Stop wasting your time, and start maximizing your results with this simple protocol.



Podcast Episode 47: Talking 1,000-rep workouts with Tyler Holt

Trainer and Spokesmodel Search finalist Tyler Holt comes by to talk about 1,000-rep workouts, as well as the joys and challenges of "living the dream" of gym ownership in his mid-twenties.



Doing Lots Of Glute Work? Don't Neglect Your Adductors!

Glutes are all the rage, but don't build up one side of the hip while totally forgetting about the other! Here's all the adductor training you need to build a strong, capable lower body.



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Do This LA-Fave Workout In Honor Of LA-Bron James

Not everything an elite athlete like LeBron James does is appropriate for everyday lifters. But this one thing is! Hit it hard, and it might be all you need. So says the King!



Podcast Episode 46: Full-Body Training Done Right with Charles Staley

Charles Staley calls himself "The oldest, skinniest guy you’ll ever see deadlifting 500 pounds." How does he do it? With intelligent full-body training that hits the sweet spot of intensity.



Police Sergeant and NPC Competitor Joe Tolve Locks and Loads His Guns

Tolve's arms don't shoot, but they're set to "stun." Read his story and then check out his arm workout and diet plan!