­čö┤Layne Norton Doesn’t Even Read HIS OWN Studies!

Another day, another example of Layne Norton embarrassing himself publicly. First of many videos on the subject.

So he starts by showing 2 seconds from a 3hr podcast, where we go deep into nuance and specifics, cherry picks one sentence about plants containing carcinogens, which is factually correct, and goes on a whole tirade of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

He then talks about the human data and flashes a study, and talks about how when he comes at zealots like myself with RCTs we make excuses about how studies are flawed or being corrupted by industry, and makes a few other straw man arguments about conversations he has never had.

No Layne, it’s not that your studies are corrupted, who knows if they are, it’s that your studies and arguments are garbage. First of all you didn’t supply even one RCT, the study you flashed on the screen was a systematic review of epidemiological studies, and the only RCT was comparing frozen cabbages vs ice packs for reducing swelling in breastfeeding. Really showing rigor and scientific acumen, and really hammering home the point that these defense chemicals naturally occurring in plants, which is well recorded and documented throughout the medical literature as well as the entire field of botany, are actually beneficial when ingested. What about icing someone’s breasts has to do with ingesting plant toxins Layne? I wonder if you even looked through your own studies or checked the references, or if you just looked at the headline and conclusion and decided that that was good enough? My guess would be just reading the title, seeing as that in the conclusion the author states themselves, in the study that HE provided, that the vast majority, 68%, of the studies included were low quality: and I quote, “However the quality of the majority (68%) of evidence was low.” And all compared veggies vs standard processed diets, not whole meat based diets, and are meaningless to this discussion.

He then provides three other studies in the description of his post, but as expected, not a single one is a randomized controlled trial. So this all begs the question, does he simply not understand what an RCT is, or does he just bank on his followers being too stupid or lazy to check? Probably both. And of course, they only compare sad diets with more fruits and vegetables, not whole Food animal-based diets and whole food plant-based diets.

If he had read his own study and looked at the references, he would have found in the second reference another epidemiological study, not a randomized controlled trial, in Costa Rica where they found that people who ate more cruciferous vegetables did indeed have lower rates of heart attack, but they also had lower consumption of sugar, were less likely to smoke, higher socioeconomic status, lower rates of diabetes, and significantly lower total daily caloric intake. So, just a few confounders. One thing they did do well though was test them genetically for the ability to detoxify these plant toxins, but they showed that those who could not detoxify and eliminate them well, so had a higher levels of these toxins in their body, had a higher rate of heart attack than those who could clear the poison. And this is what you use to prove these plant toxins are actually good for you? Bravo Layne, you’ve really out done yourself this time! ­čśé And of course in all this epidemiological fripery, nowhere does it compare whole food plant-based to whole Food animal-based. The only thing it compares is more fruits and vegetables versus an already plant-based standard diet full of processed foods and garbage. So, completely meaningless to our purposes and the point he was failing to make.

But what can we expect from the man who publicly posted that humans were not apex predators, even though the Cambridge dictionary specifically says that we are? Easy one to look up there buddy. And of course, as usual, he had absolutely no response to being shown his foolish mistakes, and just pretends like it never happened.

There will be more on this, and for those who want to see my full discussion, you can see it on the first part of my YouTube live dated February 29th, 2024.

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