2015 Arnold Classic Pro Raw Challenge

Longer video and recap will be coming soon. This is just video of my lifts to ‘Never Surrender’ by Phantom Power Music.

Didn’t have my absolute best day, however considering 1 week out from the meet I was dealing with being sick and a low back strain I was just grateful to be able to compete and ends up I had a pretty good day. I won the 93kg class with a 661 (300kg) squat, tying the current IPF world record, a 374 (170kg) bench, and a 694 deadlift (315 kg) for a 1730 lb (785 kg) total.

Many people have asked why we did not try to break the world record. We wanted to and that was the plan, but we put in the incorrect attempt on my third by mistake and once you have submitted your 3rd squat attempt you cannot change it under any circumstance, so we were stuck with it. Still I’m very happy and very pleased with my performance. On to IPF Worlds!

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