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Jenna Jameson Strikes a Pose in Red One-Piece Bathing Suit After Announcing She's Back on Keto

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Jenna Jameson Strikes a Pose in Red One-Piece Bathing Suit After Announcing She’s Back on Keto Jenna Jameson is feeling red hot. The 45-year-old former adult film star gave off serious Pamela Anderson/ Baywatch vibes on Instagram this week, posing in a solid red one-piece bathing suit in a post for her half a million Instagram followers. In the photo, … Read More… Men show off their Spanx after James Cordon revealed he wears them ….  Read More

Layne Gets FAT! My fat loss journey – The Final Update

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“Everything that has a beginning, has an end” If you guys made it this far, you’ll know its been an interesting couple of weeks. some days were better than others. That’s for sure. But the goal was reached. I set out to do something and I did it. many of us say we want to start, but we don’t. or we start but don’t follow thru. So where did i end up? watch the video ….  Read More

Doug Brignole, on the affects of SYNTHOL photos not for the squimish

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Doug and Ric discuss the hype on Synthol and it’s affects on the body short term and long term. Too many are using it and trying to pass it off as muscle gains. We really know it’s not and what’s the answer. Watch this. Some disgusting photos so beware…please add me on twitter @ricdrasin for up to the minute news on training.

How to Set Up for a Contest Prep – Week 2 – By APD. Holly Baxter and Dr. Layne Norton

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It’s now Holly’s second week of dieting for contest prep and in this video, we discuss: 1. Her progress 2. How the menstrual cycle affects body weight 3. Hormones – i.e. testosterone levels and how this affects progress during a calorie deficit. Next week we will talk about hormones ghrelin and leptin 4. What the science says about resistance training for women when on their period 5. The effects of dietary fiber, food volumes, and ….  Read More

Contest Prep Week 5 – Are your Snacking Habits Killing your Progress?

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This is the 5th week of Holly’s contest prep diet and the end of her first diet break. She is a little behind the ball in terms of weight loss and we discuss why this might be and what she needs to work on moving forward. Get my ebook on how to get SHREDDED: Get Custom Workouts by me for $12.99/month: The BEST research breakdowns – Tweets by BioLayne

BioLayne Product Review – Adidas Adipower Lifting Shoes

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This is the first video in what will be my new video series: BioLayne Product Reviews. I hope you guys enjoy them and they are helpful for you. First up, the Adipower Lifting Shoe. Possibly the best investment I’ve ever made in terms of lifting equipment. Very comfortable, stable, and immediately improved my squat and reduced injuries. Highly, highly, highly recommend. Only downside is price at ~$200. Still 9.5/10

Steve Cook and Layne Norton hammer legs

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Make America Science Again Shirt available at Layne and Steve do some higher rep leg work and demonstrate blood flow restriction training for legs. Layne also instructs Courtney King and Anette DeLarosa on deadlifts… Tweets by BioLayne


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With Doug Brignole – Listen to this and you can decide what works for you with the combination of fats, proteins and carbs PLEASE SUBSCRIBE HTTP://WWW.VINTAGEMUSCLEUSA.COM original Gold’s gym t shirt signed by me the artist coupon code Ric10 code drasin12

How to Set up a Contest Prep Diet – 17 Week Video Series

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Holly is starting a video series that will cover everything you need to consider for setting up a contest prep diet and it will be based largely on my book “The Complete Contest Prep Guide.” We will be providing a weekly update of Holly’s progress as well as education every week about optimal diet strategies to maximize fat loss and retain lean body mass. Get my ebook on how to get SHREDDED: Get Custom ….  Read More

SARMS: What’s All The Hype About? (Worth Taking? Side Effects? Legal?)

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What are SARMs? Do they work? Are they safe? Subscribe here: ‣ Subscribe to Ben: ‣ Watch my most popular science videos: ‣ ——————————- Help SUPPORT the channel by: 1. Trying one of my training programs: → 2. Buying my channel merch: → 3. Checking out what my sponsors have to offer: ▹ MASS (Monthly Research Review) ‣ ‣ Only $25/month (pre-paid yearly) ▹ PEScience Supplements ‣ ‣ ….  Read More

Actor Ethan Suplee, AKA Louie Lastik from 'Remember The Titans,' Called an Audible and Got Jacked

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Actor Ethan Suplee, AKA Louie Lastik from ‘Remember The Titans,’ Called an Audible and Got Jacked Ethan Suplee is best known for his role as Louie Lastik, the lovable lineman who can sing The Temptations as well as the Temptations, in Remember The Titans. Now, Suplee looks like the guy who would shove Lastik into a locker, take his lunch money, and clean … Read More… Jessie James Decker shows off her 6lb weight loss ….  Read More

Behind the scenes – Joe Rogan Experience

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Full Podcast: So last week was awesome! We flew out to LA and got our chance to discuss science and nutrition on the Joe rogan Experience. Here’s a small look into the behind the scenes. I had an absolute blast going on the show and having a great discussion with my buddy Dom D’Agostino. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast it’s on Joe’s youtube as well as iTunes! Get ….  Read More

Why Diets Fail – Episode 5: How Not to Fail

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Get my shirt: Why Diets Fail Episode 5. Back again with another episode talking about why diets fail. Today we talk about how NOT to fail. We discuss the 95% failure rate and that 5% success rate. I’m also going to tell you how you can be part of that 5% success rate. Make sure you check out the entire episode and stay tuned for next week. If you have any questions or comments ….  Read More

The Truth Behind This “Supposed” Nitric Oxide Booster | Straight Facts

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If you are paying attention to bodybuilding and food supplements you have probably heard of agmatine. An ingredient found in supplements that claim to help boost nitric oxide – but does amgatine actually help with nitric oxide levels at all? And should you be spending extra money (or maybe just your time) seeking out supplements with this ingredient? The short answer is no – and there’s a very good reason why. Watch Jerry Brainum’s latest ….  Read More

How to Set Up for a Contest Prep – Week 6

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This is Holly’s 6th week of her contest prep and she is just coming off from a diet break. In this video, we discuss how things are going and cover the following topics: 1. The importance of sleep duration & quality during prep. 2. Would you rather train more in order to accommodate more calories, or eat less with less of a need to workout? (Comment below⬇️) 3. Studies in rats shows exercise can have ….  Read More


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Powered by S-FORCE Watches, visit: 8 x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman joins RXMuscle’s Siddique Farooqi from the 2019 Dubai Muscle Show. Considered by many to be the greatest bodybuilder of all time, Coleman famously had his run of 8 Mr. Olympia titles ended in 2006 when Jay Cutler would win his first of four Sandow trophies. See what Coleman was told during the Olympia night show and why he’s convinced he should have won ….  Read More

BioLayne Video Log 20 Reactionary Culture: Fallout From Metabolic Damage Video Serie

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In the 20th BioLayne Video Log, I discuss two reactions to the Metabolic Damage/Adaptation video series that I had not anticipated. 1) People who misinterpreted what I said to think that you should never calorically restrict and the number of people who self ‘diagnose’ themselves with metabolic damage when they in fact are fine and 2) The number of snake oil salesmen who came out of the woodwork to use the awareness to this phenomenon ….  Read More


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Chris Aceto joins Dave Palumbo for a special edition of GuruTalk, the show that brings together bodybuilding’s brightest minds to dig deep into the science of bodybuilding. Aceto, co-host on RXMuscle’s Heavy Muscle Radio and regular contributor to RXMuscle’s Iron Debate and contest coverage, talks about the behind the scenes aspects of prepping Shawn Rhoden to a monumental win at the 2018 Mr. Olympia competition. It’s GuruTalk, featuring RXMuscle’s Chris Aceto, on #chrisaceto #shawnrhoden ….  Read More


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Pro Wrestling. Stunts and Bodybuilding all work together WATCH THIS SUBSCRIBE code drasin12 original Gold’s gym t shirt signed… EGGWHITESINT.COM UP TO $20 OFF CODE RIC SUPPS ‘the movie director’s cut’ http:www.//… MR AMERICA HEART ON YOU TUBE

Heavy weights with Stefi Cohen

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I had the privilege of training with Dr Stefi Cohen. I had the chance to pick her brain for a bit and also lift some heavy weights. Get my books on how to lose fat: Get Custom Workouts by me for $12.99/month: The BEST research breakdowns – Tweets by BioLayne

BioLayne Olympia Week Training Summary

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This week Paul and I attended the Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas. We had to shuffle around our training a bit as we couldn’t train Friday or Saturday. That meant we had to squat/bench/deadlift two consecutive days… brutal. Messed up the audio at the end. Ugh. Sorry guys I edit these vids myself and suck at it. Don’t have any more time to try to fix it. My apologies.

Fermented oatmeal, better than overnight oats

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This is an oatmeal recipe I came up with after trying to find away to incorporate oatmeal into my diet and avoid Ochratoxin-A that is commonly found in oatmeal (link below). Its a super tasty and healthy way to get a good dose of fiber calcium antioxidants and probiotics into your diet. They stay good for at least 10 days and should have a fresh, delicious smell. If it smells off when you open it ….  Read More

BioLayne Video Log 36 – Dealing with Negativity

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In this video log I discuss how to deal with negativity & negative people when pursuing your goals. Admittedly, I’ve had my ups and downs with this and am still working on getting better at it. I share my experiences and advice for those who may not have as much experience with it.

Go to Work – The Anatomy of Success

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GO TO WORK The professional goes to work everyday. Doesn’t matter how they feel, doesn’t matter what’s wrong, doesn’t matter what negativity they encounter… they go to work. The BEST science based info – The BEST research breakdowns – Get my apparel – The BEST Supplements – Make America Science Again – Tweets by BioLayne

BioLayne First Facebook Live AMA

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Check out my first facebook live ask me anything (AMA) for all things training and nutrition. For coaching:

Asking The Right Questions

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Hey guys. So in todays video I go over what i come across a lot on my social media platforms. I get tons of questions from you all and I do my best to get to them, but sometimes i simply can’t. Not because i’m too busy (which i am) but because sometimes the question isn’t worth the time. Don’t know what i mean? watch the video. Get my books on how to lose fat: ….  Read More