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2016 BioLayne Australia Tour

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Announcing my 2016 BioLayne Tour of Australia. Accompanying me will be: IFBB Bikini Pro & Coach Laurin Conlin MS(c) Exercise Science Pro Natural Bodybuilder, IPF Powerlifter & Coach Eric Helms PhD (c) Exercise Science Natural Pro Bodybuilder, USAPL Powerlifter & Coach Paul Revelia We will be conducing training camps & seminars in Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. Don’t miss your chance to learn from some of the top people in the industry. We are going to ….  Read More

DHEA Supplement Review

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Thanks for checking out my DHEA Supplement Review. Comment below if you have any questions. Get Your Own Sheer Strength Labs DHEA Supplement Here: Sheer Strength Labs brought out a DHEA supplement that claims a lot. Make the decision on your own. DHEA Ingredients: 100mg DHEA How to take DHEA: Take 1 capsule with a meal daily. DHEA Supplement Price: $18 for 60 Servings Get ALL of my Top 5 Supplement Lists (Pre Workouts, ….  Read More

The hardest challenge i’ve had to overcome…

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#FoodDisorder #SelfCare #Motivation Links & Inquiries: Books and Ebooks Home Accredited Practicing Dietitian APD. Holly Baxter Ms. Dietetics Bs. Food Science & Nutrition Online Nutrition & Physique Coach 2x Natural World Champion Fitness Model For all coaching inquiries, please email me 📩

Bodybuilding Legends Podcast #125 – 1969 in Bodybuilding Review with Jerry Brainum

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Jerry Brainum and John Hansen talk about the big events in Bodybuilding in 1969. Included in the discussion is Sergio Oliva beating Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 1969 Mr. Olympia, Boyer Coe winning the 1969 AAU Mr. America, the 1969 NABBA Mr. Universe featuring Arnold, Boyer Coe, Franco Columbu, Jim Haislop and Frank Richard, Arnold Schwarzenegger winning the 1969 IFBB Mr. Universe and Jon DeCola winning the 1969 IFBB Mr. America.

Rob Kardashian 'casually dating' again and 'returning to Keeping Up With the Kardashians'

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Rob Kardashian ‘casually dating’ again and ‘returning to Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Rob Kardashian, 33, has begun ‘casually dating’ and is setting his sights on returning to his famous family’s hit series, a source told Us Weekly on Thursday. Read More… People Who Lost A Lot Of Weight Are Sharing Before And After Pics And You Can Barely Recognize Them (40 New Pics) People who lost great amounts of weight are sharing pictures of ….  Read More

Fitness Fads Over The Years – What The Fitness EP 32

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#WhatTheFitness #Fads #Biolayne The fitness industry has been around for quite some time now. So when a new “fitness fad” pops up. it’s nothing new. So today, we decided to do things a bit differently. We’re looking back at fitness fads throughout the years and seeing what is still relevant today, and what crazy ideas people actually bought into. Let’s travel back in time, for a new episode of ‘What The Fitness’ insider article: ….  Read More

Mark Bell’s Power Project EP. 423 – Cholesterol Debate ft. Layne Norton and Dave Feldman

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Dr. Layne Norton is a professional natural bodybuilder, powerlifting world record holder, 2x USAPL National Champion, powerlifting and bodybuilding coach, as well as an entrepreneur. Dr. Norton is the founder of the Carbon Diet Coach App, Outwork Nutrition Supplementation, and BioLayne. Dave Feldman is a senior software engineer and entrepreneur. He is the founder and creator of, and the Feldman Protocol. Subscribe to the Podcast on on Platforms! ➢ Support the show by ….  Read More

DON’T Mix L-Arginine with BCAA’s if You Want the Best Results

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Do you want to release “natural” HGH? I’ve made videos in the past about the benefits of taking L-Arginine to help release your own natural Human Growth Hormone. Some of you have asked if you can take it with BCAA’s. The simple answer is “not if you want to release the HGH” In this video I will explain why…. Thanks and God Bless, Ron Williams – Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade

A Look At Diet Breaks

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#DietBreaks #Nutrition #Biolayne MATADOR Study: []( Diet breaks are a relatively new tool in the toolbox of many coaches and dieters. They involve periods of eating at maintenance in order to improve weight loss efficiency, lean body mass retention, fat loss, and retention of basal metabolic rate during dieting. Many people are confused about how diet breaks work and how to implement them. In this video I break down practical recommendations for diet breaks. Get ….  Read More

Does GH Make You Tired? Raise or Lower Blood Pressure?

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Dave Palumbo dives in on a couple of questions he’s been a lot about – lately – regarding GH, namely if it makes you tired, and, if it raises (or lowers) blood pressure. Subscribe to RXMuscle for more episodes of #askDave and the best original television content in the bodybuilding industry! Follow RXMuscle on Instagram: Follow RXMuscle on Facebook: Follow RXMuscle on Twitter:

Biolayne/Layne Norton challenge to Tom Barnett ACCEPTED

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Another lady boy has challenged me so as usual I accept. It’s disappointingly weak when these lady boys don’t offer a wager during their self indulgent, attention seeking self flagellation escapades but I’m holding out hope that one of them, just one, will follow through. I don’t have anything against this guy, maybe he’s a decent bloke and makes some good content. But the challenge is on many levels a child’s attempt at being a ….  Read More

Bodybuilding Leg Workout for Mass and Thickness

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@mathasfitness New YouTube Video up taking you through one my latest lower body (Quad focused) training sessions as I continue to ramp up the intensity a bit more from being injured. You will see a very quad focused training session but still some direct hamstring work incorporated. I do another lower body day during the week that is more hamstring focused but still has a little direct quad work in it also. ….  Read More


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John Terilli, 1994 Mr. Universe, joins Dave Palumbo on RXMuscle’s 1 on 1 interview talk show, Live With. Terilli, one of the sport’s most notable faces in the 80’s and early 90’s, talks about his illustrious bodybuilding career, his memorable battle with 8 x Mr. Olympia Lee Haney, and well, the “off the stage” stuff that garnered him the reputation for his fun lifestyle. It’s Live With John Terilli, on – Subscribe to the ….  Read More

Have YOU hit a weightloss plateau? Nutritionist reveals why your diet has stopped working

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Have YOU hit a weightloss plateau? Nutritionist reveals why your diet has stopped working Tamara Willner, a British nutritionist at the NHS-backed healthy eating plan Second Nature, reveals why you shouldn’t give up if you hit a plateau – and how to kickstart your weight loss again. Read More… DRINK MORE GLURP Vaults Onto PC and Nintendo Switch Today Bristol, UK ndash; 6 August 2020. Yogscast Games and developers Catastrophic_Overload today launched their Wacky Physics ….  Read More

Florida State Championships Powerlifting Meet – Vlog

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Holly and I headed down to hollywood, FL for the florida state championships powerlifting meet. What many didn’t know was that i was going to enter this meet as well. i’ve had a’lot of people tell me I would never compete again after my injury yet here I am. I’m still nowhere near as strong as I once was. But i’m getting there. hell, to be competing again is a blessing all in its own. ….  Read More

Dr. Testosterone Answers: Is Alcohol Less Healthy Than Steroids?

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READ full article: With alcohol consumption (and abuse) normalized, is it more of a health hazard than steroids in bodybuilding? Comparing alcohol to steroids might seem like a stretch – and in many ways it is. These are two completely different substances. But one basic connection about both substances is that they can cause long term damage if abused. In the United States, alcohol consumption and abuse is normalized despite the dangers. Steroids on ….  Read More


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In this video, you’ll learn the nootropic benefits of DHEA. Including what it is, why it’s used as a nootropic, recommended dosage, possible side effects and clinical research to back it all up. DHEA is the most abundant natural steroid hormone in your body. It’s sometimes called the “youth hormone”. And is a source of your sex hormones As a nootropic, DHEA helps to enhance neuron utilization of ATP. The primary energy source of brain ….  Read More

Magical Lung Tea Claims To Cure Covid…. What The Fitness EP 31

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#LungTea #Nonsense #WhatTheFitness Seriously?! Is there no shame anymore? People will do anything to prey on the fear of people. If i told you my sweat cures covid, would you drink it? Some of you would, and that’s the sad truth. So let’s talk about and maybe we can show these companies we’re not as dumb as they think we are. Get my new nutrition coaching app: Carbon Diet Coach for iOS and android to ….  Read More

Ask the Doc – TRT, Sarms, Anavar, and liver detoxes

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In this episode of Ask the Doc, one of our bodybuilders asks about taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy and SARMs simultaneously. He wants to know if there’s any need for the SARMs, given everything else he’s taking. The next questions asks about if it’s useful to take a liver detox while on testosterone. And lastly, is taking Anavar O.K. if you have Crohn’s disease. We cover any/all your medical bases!

Rest Periods Between Sets

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#RestPeriod #Fitness #Biolayne One of the most hotly contested topics in the fitness industry and bodybuilding in general is ‘how long should I rest in between sets?’ Some people claim long rests are superior as it allows you to recover better and use maximal weights. Yet others claim that less rest between sets is superior because it produces a better pump and allows you to get more volume in a short period of time. So ….  Read More

Perineum Sunning: Should You Be Getting Sun Where It Don’t Shine?

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Celebrities like Josh Brolin and many wellness advocates have been posting about sunbathing their perineum, stating that just 30 seconds of sun is equivalent of a full day of sun. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares that this practice is a bust and there are other ways to improve your mood. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: About The Doctors: The Doctors is an Emmy award-winning ….  Read More

Why are you still hungry after a meal?

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Subscribe today to Jerry Brainum’s Applied Metabolics Newsletter (} for the most up-to-date, in-depth information about nutrition;exercise science;anti-aging research; supplement science;fat-loss techniques that work; hormonal therapy; ergogenic aids; women’s health and fitness, and much more. Take advantage of an incomparable 57 years of study and research by subscribing today.

L-Carnitine Vs ALCAR | Tiger Fitness

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SUBSCRIBE to our channel: Keep it healthy at home with our Cooking w/Kara Playlist! Marc Lobliner discusses the differences in L-Carnitine Vs. ALCAR Join our Facebook group: Keep Up With Us: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Get Tiger Fit! Tiger Fitness has some of the best solutions to meet your fitness goals! We have Fat Burners, Pre-Workout, Protein bars, boosters and more! See how you can get in the best shape of ….  Read More

Is Competing Unhealthy?

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In this video we examine the physiological and psychological effects of competing and whether or not these are effects are inherently unhealthy. Tweets by BioLayne

How To Get Shredded Like A Pro Bodybuilder | Professor Smalls

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Everything you need to know about cutting and getting lean. In an earlier episode of Professor Smalls – Fred “Biggie” Smalls explained all of the most important aspects about bulking like a pro bodybuilder. But what is equally as important is cutting down after you put on all that extra mass. Getting lean without losing muscle mass is a true challenge indeed – that’s why Fred is breaking down everything that pro bodybuilders do to ….  Read More

The BioLayne Foundation

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The purpose of the BioLayne Foundation is to improve the strength sports, fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc by providing financial assistance to the next generation of sports scientists through scholarships and research grants. 100% of the funds donated will be awarded. Donations will be tax deductible. Details on how to donate and apply for scholarships/grants will be forthcoming in the new few months. Tweets by BioLayne

Dr. Testosterone: How Broscience Is Sometimes Ahead Of The Medical Community

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READ full article: Dr. Testosterone discusses the strange cases of broscience being ahead of real science. With anabolic steroids and other PEDs largely banned or illegal in the United States, the studies on how these substances can be used to enhance human beings can often be lacking. We certainly know a wide variety of health risks associated with steroids, but for bodybuilding purposes doctors can often be behind the curve (LINK TO JERRY BRAINUM). ….  Read More

Student, 21, drops 220lbs after swapping fast food for 'unseasoned potatoes'

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Student, 21, drops 220lbs after swapping fast food for ‘unseasoned potatoes’ Dylan Wall, 21, from Dixon County, Tennessee, weighed 425lbs when he graduated from high school in 2017. He decided to change his life after he couldn’t keep up with a college tour. Read More… How Kevin Jourdan Built DotMarket.EU and is on Track to Sell Over $1 Million Worth of Websites (ep. 183) Kevin Jourdan saw a need for a brokerage in the French ….  Read More

The Dangers of Eating Fruit…. What the Fitness EP 30

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#Fruit #Diet #WhatTheFitness This just in…. Fruits are evil! Stay away from all fruits! Seriously, how did we get here?? with so many other things that we could try and avoid, we’re going after fruit?!? alright then…. its What the Fitness Ep 30. enjoy responsibly. Get my new nutrition coaching app: Carbon Diet Coach for iOS and android to get custom nutrition coaching for less than $10/month Get my books on how to lose ….  Read More

Jerry Brainum: Most Doctors Don’t Know Jack Sh*t About Steroids

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READ full article: Jerry Brainum discusses the credibility of gurus… and also the credibility of medical doctors when it comes to steroids. During our time interviewing bodybuilding gurus, doctors, and other experts – a debate has been forming about the credibility of gurus who recommend steroids and other PEDs to their clients. Some doctors believe that this is immoral and that the guru is responsible for putting a client’s health at risk. Many of ….  Read More

Fat Loss Using Carbon – Week 11

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#FatLoss #Dieting #Nutrition Links & Inquiries: Books and Ebooks Home Accredited Practicing Dietitian APD. Holly Baxter Ms. Dietetics Bs. Food Science & Nutrition Online Nutrition & Physique Coach 2x Natural World Champion Fitness Model For all coaching inquiries, please email me 📩


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SHOP NOW CLOTHING AND SUPPLEMENTS: E BOOK: FREE NEWSLETTER: TRIFECTA (MEALS):… My code is CUTLER20 for 20% off BYLT DRINK Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: MroJayCutler In a brand new “B Built By Broser” coach sits down with Dave Bourlet to discuss his thoughts on the keto diet for building muscle mass, the importance of varying rep tempos, and how much time one should spend in the gym. ….  Read More

Should I Change My Diet & Training During My Menstrual Cycle?

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#Diet #Training #MenstrualCycle Much has been made regarding customized training programs for women around their menstrual cycles, however how much of this is based in scientific data? A new study sheds some light on how much the menstrual cycle affects training and how women might use this information in their own training programs. Get my new nutrition coaching app: Carbon Diet Coach for iOS and android to get custom nutrition coaching for less than $10/month ….  Read More

Is Coffee Loaded with toxic pesticides?

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If you want to get the best and most accurate information about nutrition;exercise science; hormonal therapy; anti-aging research;fat-loss techniques that work; supplement science, which ones work and which don’t;nutrition controversies; women’s health and fitness and much more, subscribe today to Jerry Brainum’s Applied Metabolics Newsletter ( The only digital publication that features nearly 60 years of experience and research.

Healthy PROTEIN Gingerbread Cookie Recipe 🎄 BIOLAYNE

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Layne Norton posted a protein gingerbread cookie recipe on his website, so why would I NOT try it? RECIPE ( 61 calories / 1g fat / 8g carbs / 5g protein INGREDIENTS 55g light butter 70g unsweetened applesauce 120g vanilla whey (BPI 20% off discount code: LEXESOH) 50g molasses 180g all purpose flour 1 tbsp cinnamon ¼ tsp ground cloves ½ tsp nutmeg ½ tsp ground or pureed ginger 35g egg whites ¼ tsp baking ….  Read More

Everything you want to know about testosterone – Ask the Doc

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In this episode of Ask the Doc, Dr. Rand answers IMPORTANT questions about testosterone! He talks about at what age testosterone starts to decline (the symptoms might surprise you!), and the difference between test levels in people who have used exogenous T before, and the those who’ve stayed natural. He talks about what can cause low testosterone levels physiologically (problems with glands), and lastly, what type of testosterone (gel vs injectable vs cream) is ideal ….  Read More

Ketogenic Diet: Palumbo Sets the Record Straight

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Dave Palumbo, one of the foremost authorities on the Ketogenic diet and its applications for bodybuilders, sets the record straight on what he feels are incorrect depictions and marketing of Ketogenic diet and diet products. Palumbo touches on Rich Piana’s Ketogenic diet as well, and what he agrees and disagrees with. Subscribe to the RXMuscle YouTube channel! Never miss an RX TV show, segment, or update. Sign up to become an member (free registration): ….  Read More

Ben Pakulski BEST Training Split For Hypertrophy (BUILD MUSCLE)

0 commentsUncategorizedben pakulskiben pakulski calvesben pakulski trainingben pakulski workoutbest mass workoutbest workoutbig musclebig muscle workoutbig musclesbody builder workoutbodybuilder exercisebodybuilder workoutbodybuilder workout routinebuild muscleexercise for musclegain muscleget musclegood workoutshow to get big musclehuge muscleIFBBifbb promass exercisemass workoutmass workoutsmi40muscles workouttraining splitworkout – click to learn how to overcome your limitations – Ben Pakulski BEST Training Split For Hypertrophy (BUILD MUSCLE) – If you want learn proper training split to build muscle, IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski explain proper training split to gain muscle. If you are looking for the proper training split to build muscle, see how IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski builds big muscle through the best 40 day program design routine in his MI40 program: ….  Read More

Medi-Weightloss® Noblesville/Fishers Celebrates One Year Changing Lives

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Medi-Weightloss® Noblesville/Fishers Celebrates One Year Changing Lives Medi-Weightloss Noblesville/Fishers celebrated one year changing lives on July 31, 2020. Since opening in Noblesville, Medi-Weightloss has helped patients achieve their goal weight and lose over 2,600 pounds. Known as The One That Works!, the Medi-Weightloss … Read More… 20 Super-Awesome Infographics to Inspire Your Content Marketing According to Google, searches for the term “infographic” have increased over 800% in the last two years. To date, there are ….  Read More

Does Eating Less Slow Down Your Metabolism? What The Fitness Ep 29

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#DrEricBerg #Metabolism #WhatTheFitness Get my new nutrition coaching app: Carbon Diet Coach for iOS and android to get custom nutrition coaching for less than $10/month Get my books on how to lose fat: Take my online course “The Science of Nutrition”: Get Custom Workouts by me for $12.99/month: The BEST research breakdowns – Tweets by BioLayne