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Should I Change My Diet & Training During My Menstrual Cycle?

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#Diet #Training #MenstrualCycle Much has been made regarding customized training programs for women around their menstrual cycles, however how much of this is based in scientific data? A new study sheds some light on how much the menstrual cycle affects training and how women might use this information in their own training programs. Get my new nutrition coaching app: Carbon Diet Coach for iOS and android to get custom nutrition coaching for less than $10/month ….  Read More

Is Coffee Loaded with toxic pesticides?

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If you want to get the best and most accurate information about nutrition;exercise science; hormonal therapy; anti-aging research;fat-loss techniques that work; supplement science, which ones work and which don’t;nutrition controversies; women’s health and fitness and much more, subscribe today to Jerry Brainum’s Applied Metabolics Newsletter ( The only digital publication that features nearly 60 years of experience and research.

Healthy PROTEIN Gingerbread Cookie Recipe 🎄 BIOLAYNE

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Layne Norton posted a protein gingerbread cookie recipe on his website, so why would I NOT try it? RECIPE ( 61 calories / 1g fat / 8g carbs / 5g protein INGREDIENTS 55g light butter 70g unsweetened applesauce 120g vanilla whey (BPI 20% off discount code: LEXESOH) 50g molasses 180g all purpose flour 1 tbsp cinnamon ¼ tsp ground cloves ½ tsp nutmeg ½ tsp ground or pureed ginger 35g egg whites ¼ tsp baking ….  Read More

Everything you want to know about testosterone – Ask the Doc

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In this episode of Ask the Doc, Dr. Rand answers IMPORTANT questions about testosterone! He talks about at what age testosterone starts to decline (the symptoms might surprise you!), and the difference between test levels in people who have used exogenous T before, and the those who’ve stayed natural. He talks about what can cause low testosterone levels physiologically (problems with glands), and lastly, what type of testosterone (gel vs injectable vs cream) is ideal ….  Read More

Ketogenic Diet: Palumbo Sets the Record Straight

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Dave Palumbo, one of the foremost authorities on the Ketogenic diet and its applications for bodybuilders, sets the record straight on what he feels are incorrect depictions and marketing of Ketogenic diet and diet products. Palumbo touches on Rich Piana’s Ketogenic diet as well, and what he agrees and disagrees with. Subscribe to the RXMuscle YouTube channel! Never miss an RX TV show, segment, or update. Sign up to become an member (free registration): ….  Read More

Ben Pakulski BEST Training Split For Hypertrophy (BUILD MUSCLE)

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Medi-Weightloss® Noblesville/Fishers Celebrates One Year Changing Lives

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Medi-Weightloss® Noblesville/Fishers Celebrates One Year Changing Lives Medi-Weightloss Noblesville/Fishers celebrated one year changing lives on July 31, 2020. Since opening in Noblesville, Medi-Weightloss has helped patients achieve their goal weight and lose over 2,600 pounds. Known as The One That Works!, the Medi-Weightloss … Read More… 20 Super-Awesome Infographics to Inspire Your Content Marketing According to Google, searches for the term “infographic” have increased over 800% in the last two years. To date, there are ….  Read More

Does Eating Less Slow Down Your Metabolism? What The Fitness Ep 29

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#DrEricBerg #Metabolism #WhatTheFitness Get my new nutrition coaching app: Carbon Diet Coach for iOS and android to get custom nutrition coaching for less than $10/month Get my books on how to lose fat: Take my online course “The Science of Nutrition”: Get Custom Workouts by me for $12.99/month: The BEST research breakdowns – Tweets by BioLayne

Jerry Brainum: Legalizing Steroids Will Make Bodybuilders Healthier

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READ full article: Jerry Brainum explains how legalizing steroids mixed with monitoring bodybuilding can lead to a safer sport. While there is always a risk in choosing to use steroids for athletic endeavors, the deepest dangers come from obtaining those drugs via the underground markets. Much like any illegal drug, it’s impossible to know the standards of what actually go into the substance an individual puts in their body. In our latest GI Exclusive ….  Read More

Drink More Glurp Is A Wacky Physics-Based Take On The Olympics, And It's Out On Switch Today

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Drink More Glurp Is A Wacky Physics-Based Take On The Olympics, And It’s Out On Switch Today Like the Olympics, but really not.Update: As a quick reminder, Drink More Glurp is launching today on Nintendo Switch. You’ll find it available on the eShop for $9.99 / £7.99 / €8.99, and you can learn all about it in our original article below.Original Artic… Read More… Drink More Glurp vaults onto Switch today Yogscast Games and developers ….  Read More

Fat Loss Using Carbon – Week 10

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#FatLoss #Dietician #Nutrition Links & Inquiries: Books and Ebooks Home Accredited Practicing Dietitian APD. Holly Baxter Ms. Dietetics Bs. Food Science & Nutrition Online Nutrition & Physique Coach 2x Natural World Champion Fitness Model For all coaching inquiries, please email me 📩

Low-Carb Diets May Increase Common Heart Rhythm Problems

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Low-carb diets are very popular right now with many people cutting their intake of grains, starchy vegetables, sugar and fruits in an effort to drop pounds. Now, a new study warns men and women who get a low portion of their daily calories from carbohydrates have an increased risk of developing atrial fibrillation or AFib, the most common heart rhythm disorder. Researchers reviewed the medical records of nearly 14,000 people … None had AFib at ….  Read More

Can You Drink Beer And Make Gains?

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#MakingGains #Beer #Biolayne Many of us have a love of training, but still want to enjoy alcoholic beverages. A recent study examined whether it is possible to improve fitness while consuming alcohol daily. In this video I break down the findings and what it means for you and your training. Study link: Get my new nutrition coaching app: Carbon Diet Coach for iOS and android to get custom nutrition coaching for less than $10/month ….  Read More

Psycho Fitness: “Synthol Has A Place In Bodybuilding”

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Psycho Fitness explains how synthol has a place in bodybuilding… and the slippery slope that has led to its abuse. When hearing the word synthol – most likely the cartoon freaks are the first image that come to mind. The small number of people who take so much synthol that their muscle looks like gigantic balloons. But synthol is also used in pro bodybuilding. It’s just used in a very different way. Some bodybuilders, like ….  Read More

How To Work Out Maintenance Calories With Eric Helms | Do BMR Calculators Work?

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In today’s video we show you how to work out your maintenance calories with Dr Eric Helms. A FAQ is do BMR calculators work, yes to a certain degree however they are very average, and as Eric Helms says we are not working with average. Watch this video for a better insight into how to work out a more accurate maintenance calorie figure Follow us on our other social media channels Instagram Facebook ….  Read More

Asthmatic 20stone dad who won't eat salad sheds 8stone after his lungs 'washed'

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Asthmatic 20stone dad who won’t eat salad sheds 8stone after his lungs ‘washed’ Ad van der Rest, from Maidenhead in Berkshire, weighed 20stone and struggled to walk a mile – now he weights 12stone and regularly runs 5km Read More… NYC’s first outdoor cycling studio is opening in Brooklyn While indoor activities like working out inside a gym are prohibited for the foreseeable future, one Brooklyn cycling spot is taking it all outdoors.On August Read More… ….  Read More

Fat Loss Using Carbon – Week 9

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#CarbonDietCoach #Dieting #HollyBaxter Links & Inquiries: Books and Ebooks Home Accredited Practicing Dietitian APD. Holly Baxter Ms. Dietetics Bs. Food Science & Nutrition Online Nutrition & Physique Coach 2x Natural World Champion Fitness Model For all coaching inquiries, please email me 📩


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Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto are back for another episode of Heavy Muscle Radio, the show where the two discuss everything going on in the bodybuilding world. On today’s episode, Dave and Chris are joined by Louis “The Big Sexy” Uridel, owner of Metroflex Gym in Oceanside (CA). Louis, who made recent headlines by being arrested for opening up his gym, has announced his candidacy for mayor of Oceanside. What changes can the former RXMuscle ….  Read More

Coaches Corner – Should I Hire a Coach?

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In this episode of coaches’ corner I discuss the benefits to hiring a coach and who might benefit from it. Contact Layne Tweets by BioLayne

Well Body Naturals BCAA 2:1:1 – Review

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In this video we look at the Well Body Naturals BCAA 2:1:1 As far as BCAA’s go, these seems to be very clean. Meaning no fillers, no flavor, just BCAA’s at a good ratio of 2:1:1 2: is Leucine 1: is Isoleucine 1: is Valine When mixed in water, the taste is bitter, but not over powering. I like to use water, but you could mix this in with a sports drink, Kool-aid, maybe even ….  Read More

JCW Events x BioLayne Lifting Seminars and Lifting Camps, Thailand – Event highlights

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For the very first time in Asia, an event of such a scale in the field powerlifting has been conducted by the one and only Dr. Layne Norton, a PhD inNutritional Sciences and the founder of BioLayne, and Ms. Holly baxter, APD and 2x World Champion Fitness Model. They were here to conduct a two day seminar and workshop on nutrition and training strategies along with a professional assistance and counsel on powerlifting techniques. This ….  Read More


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Jerry talks about the effects of SYNTHOL Building muscle And burning body fat Award-Winning OLD SCHOOL LABS Supplements: Use code Drasin12 for 12% OFF. – Egg Whites Int: Up to 20$ off with code RIC – SUPPS ‘The Movie Director’s cut’ – Yeah, I Work Out: – – RIC’S CORNER AUDIO PODCAST NOW ON SPOTIFY, GOOGLE, ITUNES, IHEART RADIO & REVOLVER PODCASTYeah we decided to run on my showYou guys ….  Read More

Starting a Business Around GPT-3 Is a Bad Idea

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Starting a Business Around GPT-3 Is a Bad Idea GPT-3 is an amazing technology. Within a few weeks after beta API access opened, a host of jaw-dropping demos popped up, from automatic code generation to automated therapy bots to writing original poetry and Navy SEAL memes. It does things Read More… This dangerous TikTok trend could lead to eating disorders, experts say It’s not as innocent as it seems. Read More… Woman, 23, reveals she ….  Read More

Protein! From a different source… What The Fitness EP 28

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#TracyKiss #WhatTheFitness #Protein ME: Posts video of an influencer talking about breakfast being the worst meal of the day comments below: Bottom of thee barrel stuff Layne… Me: “Hold my beer’ Man, didn’t think we’d be here talking about this one, but here we are! Need some extra protein in your life but GNC is closed? a simple solution to your problems is just a tug or two away…. Cheers to a new episode of ….  Read More

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: What’s All The Hype About? (Science-Based)

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The first 699 people to click this link will get 2 months of Skillshare for free: Subscribe here: ‣ Watch my most popular science videos: ——————————- Help SUPPORT the channel by: 1. Trying one of my training programs: → 2. Buying my channel merch: → 3. Checking out what my sponsors have to offer: ▹ MASS (Monthly Research Review) ‣ ‣ Only $25/month (pre-paid yearly) ▹ PEScience Supplements ‣ ….  Read More