227: Layne Norton – What Evidence-Based actually means

Layne Norton is one of the original evidence-based pioneers in the fitness industry.

With a PhD in nutrition science, huge success in both the realms of bodybuilding and powerlifting Layne knows a thing or two. He’s also got one of the largest followings within the evidence-based sphere allowing him to grow a very successful business with different ventures.

A really great chat you don’t want to miss.

00:00 Intro
02:35 What does evidence-based actually mean? Intellectual honesty, changes viewpoints and much more.
10:57 How Layne become a prominent figure while keeping his integrity
26:42 Reverse diet
42:04 What can science tell us?
49:33 Echo chambers and sticking to your beliefs
56:17 Critically analysing your own approach
57:46 What Layne is up to at the moment
01:01:01 Diet Breaks



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