380: What It Means To Train To Failure – Layne Norton

This week I talk to Layne Norton, we catch up and talk about his recent powerlifting competitions before digging into his time coaching, developing a flourishing business and much more.

03:16 Update on Layne’s situation as an athlete and in general life
08:39 Is Layne still coaching and professional career
13:52 How Layne was able to make his information mainstream
20:56 Is the athlete or businessman more important?
23:56 Home gym vs. commercial gym
27:58 Training to failure, how important is it?
38:03 Study design on how to train to failure
43:18 Misinterpretation and misrepresentation of studies
46:51 Tribalism, dogmatism and extreme statements (AD)
51:19 Unsolicited advice & idiotic comments
56:36 Any chance of Layne returning to bodybuilding?
57:44 What would training in a prep look like?
58:33 Summary and what is Layne up to?


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