4 Eating Habits for Greater Brain Health | Glucose Goddess

What impact does your blood sugar level have on your brain power?

Every cell in your body needs energy to run. And one of the main ways you provide this energy is through glucose. But while eating foods high in starch and sugar will give you a glucose spike, that doesn’t actually give your body or brain the energy it needs to be consistent.

I’m excited to have Jessie Inchauspé (@GlucoseGoddessOfficial) on our show today. Jessie is biochemist who shares her insights and knowledge of the effect glucose has on the body and brain. She’s also a bestselling author, and she’s here to talk about the strategies from her latest book, The Glucose Goddess Method: The 4-Week Guide to Cutting Cravings, Getting Your Energy Back, and Feeling Amazing: https://amzn.to/49cuG97

Giving your body energy isn’t simply a matter of eating more glucose. In fact, eating too much can lead to a wide range of problems including inflammation, diabetes, and more. Listen in as Jessie shares four simple food principles you can introduce into your diet today to help balance your glucose, improve cognitive performance, and live a better life.

0:00 Glucose Goddess
2:04 What is glucose
4:00 Glucose spike and brain health
5:24 The Glucose Goddess Method
6:55 Breakfast: Sweet vs Savory
9:20 Do this before meals
12:38 If you eat bread first thing in a meal…
15:04 Do this hack after a meal
17:11 How to make a change effortlessly

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