4 major benefits of cardio (other than burning calories)

Cardio isn’t just about burning calories

Far too many people immediately correlate cardio exercise with nuts burning calories.

In the context of cardio exercise we as a society have placed far to much of an emphasis on its ability to help us burn calories (which incus it does and is helpful in weight loss or weight management), but we completely negate what cardio exercise is truly about and that is HEART HEALTH!

Sure, vigorous and intense weight training can help your heart health as well, there is no denying that, but doing direct cardio exercise whether it be HIIT (high intensity interval training) or steady state cardio (think slower more drawn out cardio) has some incredible benefits…all in which have zero to do with calorie burning.

1.) Helps lower blood pressure. Cardio strengthens the heart thus allowing better pumping and circulation of blood through the body.

2.) Mental health. Cardio can help boost your mood and take your focus off problems you may be having and allow you a chance to think clearer.

3.) Helps reduce some chronic pain by decreasing inflammation and increasing mobility.

4.) Improve quality of sleep. Activity can help signal to your body more of a need for sleep at night.

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