5 Reasons YOU Should Be Taking Nitric Oxide (This Stuff Works)

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Got a message on snapchat the other day of someone accusing me of misleading people and them saying nitric oxide has no benefits.. So here’s 5 benefits from an NO supplement.

First, increased recovery rates.. NO is going to increase your blood flow.. Increased blood flow will deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your muscle tissues which will help them recover faster.

Second, plays into the first, reduced fatigue levels.. Because NO increases the amount of oxygen that is delivered to your muscle, you are going to be able to go longer throughout every set before you start getting that burning sensation.. because you only get that burning sensation when your muscles are depleted of oxygen at that exact moment and lactic acid starts to build up leaving you sore and fatigued.

Third, increase energy levels. Your body has a core temperate which rises throughout the day but rises significantly when you workout. Basically your body does as best as it can to keep your muscle tissues from overheating by cooling them off. Well, NO makes the process of lowering your body’s core temperature easier, allowing you more energy to focus on your workout.

Fourth, increased fat burn. There was a study done in the American Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism on the effect of NO precursor L-Arginine on the effects on glucose metabolism. And basically they studies 9 endurance trained athletes and found that those who took the L-Arginine burned through their carb stores faster, leaving them more time to burn fat.

Fifth, motivation. NO gives you a sick pump. This so called pump just happens to be my favorite part about the gym and something that pushes me to go hard while at the gym and helps me look forward to my next lift. So just that little extra motivation you get from your muscles looking super full can help you stick to your workout program longer, meaning more results in the long term.


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