6 Things About Nutmeg | Is It Really Psychoactive?

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Here’s some info on how to use nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) as a healthy holiday spice as well as how to avoid its potential hallucinogenic influence?

Lots of good things to discuss about this unique “seed”: what the difference is between mace and nutmeg, its healthful compounds and uses, in addition to its historical past relationship to cloves, Syzygium aromaticum. (To jump to your video topic of choice, scroll below for Video Chapter Timelines.)

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Video Chapter Timelines:
0:18 1) What is Nutmeg?
1:09 2) Nutmeg Vs Mace
2:01 3) Where is Nutmeg From and Grown Today?
3:20 4) Psychoactive Properties of Nutmeg
5:01 5) Nutmeg’s Healthful Compounds and Folk Uses
6:44 6) How to Use Nutmeg Spice

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