Alcohol and Bodybuilding, fitness, muscle growth, gain, recovery, Side effects of alcohol on health

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Side effects of alcohol
Alcohol and Bodybuilding
Alcohol and fitness
Alcohol and Muscle growth / gain
Alcohol and Building Muscle
How alcohol affects muscle growth and the body

Would you like to learn about the side effects that alcohol has on bodybuilding? It’s your lucky day because I answer this question comprehensively in this weeks video. Alcohol and bodybuilding are two things that don’t mix too well. This video is about alcohol and its impact on fitness and building muscle. It’ll answer the ultimate question. Does alcohol affect muscle growth?

Alcohol is addicting to many people. Some people can drink every other weekend, while others cannot have one drink without getting hooked and developing a very dangerous and bad habit. There are many hormones and chemicals that are stimulated and released that could lead to a person becoming alcohol dependent. I do want to keep this video fitness related so I’m not going to go to far in depth into alcohol addiction. There are many people that are wondering what having a drink here and there can do to your muscle gains and fitness level and I will answer this question today.

You’re digestive system is responsible for breaking alcohol down. Once you drink alcohol it become a priority to get out of your body for your digestive system. One of the things your digestive system is also responsible for is breaking down fat. This is precisely why alcohol and bodybuilding do not mix. As soon as you drink alcohol your body stops breaking down fat and switches to breaking down and getting rid of the alcohol. Instead of your liver working to break down fat, it is now working to get the alcohol and all its toxins out of your system. A popular alcoholic beverage that my clients can’t stop raving about is wine. However, 3 glasses of wine = 10 hrs of not burning fat. Remind yourself that as you pour a glass of wine for dinner.

When you drink alcohol, once it gets digested, which is where organs in your body like your liver try to get rid of as much alcohol as possible. The remaining alcohol is sent into your blood stream. And your heart pumps that blood through the rest of your body. Which means you are sending alcohol within that blood to all the organs, muscles, and cells of your body.

If you were to get a cut and then pour alcohol on it, it would sting like crazy. Well imagine what is happening to your torn and broken down muscles after a workout when you drink alcohol. All those microscopic tears are looking for nutrients and instead your blood cells are carrying alcohol to them. To sum it up it doesn’t feel too good for your muscles.

Another thing that happens is that absorption of micronutrients becomes inhibited. Which means vitamins and minerals are stopped from being absorbed and allocated throughout your body. Alcohol also has an effect on your macronutrients absorption as well. A process known as protein synthesis is disrupted. Alcohol blocks protein synthesis which is the conversion of protein from food into muscles. Which in turn means it is going to block your muscle growth.

Are you starting to see how alcohol and muscle gain / growth just don’t go hand in hand? Well it also lowers testosterone. Anybody that knows anything about building muscle knows that testosterone is one of the most important hormones to building muscle. If you have low testosterone you’re going to have a very hard time putting muscle on. Luckily alcohol does not change testosterone too drastically to where you will notice huge changes. However

If you are choosing to have some drinks then the following will help you minimize the effects on training. Go for lower calorie drinks. Next week I’ll be making a follow up video about the best alcohol beverages calorie wise, but something you can do right away is stop drinking beer. Drink Water before, while, and after your drink to stay hydrated. Lastly take supplements such as Bcca’s and Leucine to encourage protein synthesis.

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