ALCOHOL and FAT LOSS – By APD. Holly Baxter

WEEK 6 – My 18 Week Contest Prep.
In this weeks VLOG I discuss frequently asked question about ALCOHOL🍷🥃
Can you still lose weight while including alcohol?
Does ALCOHOL 🍷 IMPEDE Fat loss?

Also CHECK OUT Weeks 1-5 VLOG which cover important Nutrition related tops such as;

1./ How to set up for a contest Prep ( nutrition protocols training)
2./ Stress & Binges – How to manage this and stay on top of your prep
3./ Tracking Macro’s while TRAVELLING or on HOLIDAY
5./ WEIGHT PLATUE – Strategies to ensure continued progress

APD. Holly Baxter
Accredited Practising Dietitian
Master of Dietetics
Bch. Food Science & Nutrition
2x World Champion Fitness Model
Online Nutrition and Physique Coach



instagram: @Hollytbaxter
Facebook: Holly Baxter / HBNutrition & Training

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