Are RDs Really Paid to Push Junk Food? Breaking Down the Washington Post Claims

A recent article by the Washington Post claims that dietitian influencers are “paid by big soda” to influence your food choices. So – are their claims true? Should RDs be paid and sponsored by food companies? Are Dietitians total sell outs? All of that and more in today’s video!

As a dietitian passionate about real, evidence-based nutrition, I’m here to separate fact from fiction and share my insights on this hot topic.

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0:00 Intro
0:55 What the Washington Post Article Says
2:08 Dietitians partnered with “Big Soda”?
3:55 Disclosers by influencers – FTC guidelines
5:15 Dietitian’s give “questionable” nutrition advice to Gen Z?
6:30 The Importance of Destigmatizing Foods
8:14 Nuanced Nutrition vs. Extreme Nutrition
9:45 Does being sponsored mean your message isn’t honest?
11:32 Calling out influencers who use scientific data incorrectly
13:33 Is Aspartame Really That Bad?
15:29 Cancer & Aspartame
16:06 Influencers to Influence us
17:44 Female Influencers Villified?
19:13 My Thoughts on this Article…

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