Arthritis Treatments – Biolane – A Current Affair

A Current Affair looks at natural arthritis treatments including Biolane™ Active GLME, a special extract from Green Lipped Mussels that can alleviate painful symptoms, improve mobility and provides a better quality of life for the majority of users.
The Green Lipped Mussel’s therapeutic benefits were discovered in the late 1960s. John E. Croft, known globally as ‘The Mussel Man’, then pioneered the unique extraction process that has been proven to retain the active components of the mussels in their active form.

BiolaneTM is a unique proprietary form of Green Lipped Mussel Extract recommended by John E. Croft and helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis including pain, stiffness, joint swelling and inflammation

In Australia and New Zealand, BiolaneTM is distributed as Nutra-Life Musseltone and Wagner Musselforte. See & for more information.

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