Authentic or Charlatan: Layne Norton | Exposing Fitness Industry Scams

Layne Norton is a fitness industry influencer, powerlifter, bodybuilder, online trainer, everything. You can find him on social media @biolayne.

There are a few reasons why I would recommend following Layne: he always reverts to studies and research to back up his arguments, he cares about finding the right answer more than being right, and he makes awesome videos taking down fake gurus.

Layne Norton has a series he releases on Friday’s titled What the Fitness where he exposes wrongs in the nutrition and fitness community. It’s wildly entertaining to watch.

He also has a series titled F**kery Friday where he exposes more nonsense in the nutrition world.

Layne is definitely an authentic guru as he passes all of my tests: legitimate education, experience with nutrition in a scientific lab, experience training and educating others, and a long track record of knowing what he’s talking about.
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Authentic or Charlatan: Layne Norton | Fitness Expert


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