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How Fat Loss Works – Episode 1: Energy Balance

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This will be a new series covering the basic science of how fat loss works. In episode 1 we discuss how energy balance works. Many people have attempted to dismiss ‘calories in calories out’ or debunk it. These people really don’t understand how thermodynamics work. I break it down for you in a way that anyone can understand. The BEST science based info – The BEST research breakdowns – Get my apparel – ….  Read More

Should You Train With A Belt?

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There’s been ongoing chatter about training with or without a belt. Some people believe there are benefits while some disagree. I weigh in on the conversation and give my honest opinion on the matter. If you guys are interested in what belt I use, head on over to and you can pick one that is right for you! Get my books on how to lose fat: Get Custom Workouts by me for $12.99/month: ….  Read More

The 5 Worst Bodybuilding Exercises Ever | Straight Facts With Jerry Brainum

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Not all exercises are created equal. Watch Jerry Brainum break down the 5 worst bodybuilding exercises that you could possibly be doing… you might be surprised how many are actually in your workout routine. Jerry also gives a few pro tips on how to improve on common mistakes that many lifters make when they go into the gym. Watch it above in Straight Facts. Bodybuilding, weight training, fitness – all on the Generation Iron Fitness ….  Read More

Are BCAAs Overrated? | Straight Facts With Jerry Brainum

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Branch chain amino acids, more commonly called BCAAs among fitness and bodybuilders, have always been considered a very important aspect of a bodybuilding diet if you want to build muscle mass. It’s basically just taken for granted that this is the case – but how true is it? Or more importantly, do you need to take additional BCAAs on top of your meals and protein powders? Whether you’re questioning it or not – Jerry Brainum ….  Read More

Top 3 Essential Supplements For Bodybuilders | Straight Facts With Jerry Brainum

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These top 3 essential supplements for bodybuilders are a MUST for any weight training diet. Make sure you have these high priority supplements in your bodybuilding plan. Full info in the latest episode of Straight Facts with Jerry Brainum! Try our GYMOJI bodybuilding emojis on the app store: Be sure to subscribe to receive updates from the GI Fitness Network: Check out our official website: Generation Iron Fitness Network Check out our Facebook: ….  Read More

How To Train For Massive Legs | Straight Facts With Jerry Brainum

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Getting Massive Legs can be one of the biggest challenges for a bodybuilder. That’s why Jerry Brainum is giving you the ultimate facts to blow up those gains. One of the biggest struggles both amateur and professional bodybuilders deal with is putting some hardcore mass onto their legs. Leg day is the bane of many bodybuilders’ existence… and chicken legs can often be the key factor that prevents a tried and true pro from grabbing ….  Read More