Becoming A Better Spouse, Parent and Friend, with Dr. John Delony | Mind Pump 2325

01:49 The most challenging calls he has received.
06:43 The shift in divorce statistics.
10:18 Why men need work, family, and a higher purpose.
16:40 You can’t do anything hard based on feel.
18:11 The new rules for a successful marriage.
20:20 The power in celebrating wins and being accountable.
26:56 Lessons in communicating with the opposite sex.
36:06 Vulnerability is an act of courage.
38:09 Do people have a distorted view of divorce?
40:46 Love is a choice.
43:02 The importance of having a set of family values.
49:14 The value of having good friends outside your marriage.
50:28 Practices of successful families.
51:59 Is it necessary for your partner to have things in common with you?
53:15 How to navigate social media with your kids as a parent.
1:07:44 The impact of pornography on the younger generation and society.
1:12:03 Small practices that go a long way in a successful marriage.

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