BioLayne Product Review – 13mm Inzer Lever Belt

In this BioLayne Product Review we examine the 13mm Inzer Lever Belt. I’ve had this belt for over 6 years. I love the belt. It’s the lever I have little confidence in. After breaking the prong off the Inzer lever, I have since shattered levers from lifting large and Titan. I am currently using a lever from Iron Tanks which they graciously supplied to me and that has help up for 6 weeks now, which is more than I can say for the Lifting Large lever & for the Titan lever. Time will tell if this is a lever I can place my trust in. Love the belt and if someone can make a quality lever, it would be my go to belt for all heavy lifting. Until I’m confident in any lever, I am not sure I can recommend it. I also found it ABSURD that I had to pay Inzer $9 for return shipping for a new lever when they claim to always stand behind their lifetime warranty. If you put a lifetime warranty on something, and you call it a ‘forever’ belt and something on it breaks… I think it’s kind of stupid to make people pay return shipping on a replacement.

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