BioLayne Video Log 33 – Time Under Tension Training: Data vs Hype

UPDATE: A new study addressed specifically some of the points I raised here. This data seems to support my hypothesis. In this study they 60% of a 1RM in both groups performing either a 6s rep for 6 reps or a 3s rep for 12 reps (36 total seconds TUT during the set). Muscle activation and metabolic stress was greater in the group doing the faster reps.

A lot has been made about Time Under Tension (TUT) Training and there are a few studies out there examining it’s effectiveness. However, the data from these studies, while interesting has been largely misinterpreted, misrepresented, and misapplied. In this video log we discuss the research on slow training vs. conventional training and practical applications for TUT.

Relevant Research Data:

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