Bodybuilding Leg Workout for Mass and Thickness


New YouTube Video up taking you through one my latest lower body (Quad focused) training sessions as I continue to ramp up the intensity a bit more from being injured.

You will see a very quad focused training session but still some direct hamstring work incorporated. I do another lower body day during the week that is more hamstring focused but still has a little direct quad work in it also.

When training lower body for that mass and thickness we as bodybuilders want, it is important to remember what drives hypertrophy because it is different than strength.

Three major drivers of hypertrophy are:
🔹Workload (sets x reps x weight used).
🔸Mechanic Tension (force exerted on the muscle).
🔹Metabolic Stress (accumulation of metabolites in the body like lactate, inorganic phosphate, and hydrogen ions).

In this video you will see how I incorporate all these mechanisms of hypertrophy in to my training. Also, the variety of exercises I perform while still keeping in mind the simplicity of the movement patterns and making sure I am addressing all four muscle in the quadriceps
1️⃣ vastus lateralis
2️⃣ vastus intermedialis
3️⃣ vastus medialis
4️⃣ rectus femoris

Please watch and hopefully it gives you so tips about exercise selection, intensity needed during training, and a little better idea of how to properly set up your own training.

Any questions please comment below

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