Bodybuilding Legends Podcast #213 – RIP Shawn Rhoden

On November 6th, 2021, 2018 Mr. Olympia winner Shawn Rhoden passed away at the age of 46. In Part One of this episode of the Bodybuilding Legend Podcast, guests Jerry Brainum, former writer for Muscle & Fitness and IronMan Magazine, and Phil Williams, 1985 NPC Nationals overall winner, discuss Shawn’s career and his tragic death. Jerry and Phil also talk about the passing of George Peterson only days before the 2021 Mr. Olympia and some of the health risks being taken by athletes today. (Time Stamps and Links listed below).

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Start of interview with Jerry Brainum and Phil Williams
1:24 – RIP Shawn Rhoden
5:46 – Shawn and Bulking Up
9:15 – When Shawn won the Mr. Olympia in 2018
10:30 – Shawn’s depression after his father died
13:30 – How cocaine can damage your heart
14:30 – Shawn’s suspension from competing in the Mr. Olympia
23:13 – Shawn’s great physique
25:00 – Bodybuilding legends who passed away
26:00 – When bodybuilders cycled off the drugs
32:40 – Bodybuilders who stay on steroids all the time
35:00 – The pressure from social media to look good
37:00 – Looking muscular at an older age
39:45 – Arnold didn’t care what he looked like off season
42:00 – The recent death of George Peterson
45:00 – Steroids change the structure of the heart
46:15 – Phil talks about his problem with diuretics at the 1988 Chicago Pro
47:35 – Jerry tells the story of Flex Wheeler at the 1998 Arnold Classic
52:54 – Mike Matarazzo’s trouble with diuretics at the 1993 Arnold Classic
54:35 – Paul Dillett cramping onstage


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