Bodybuilding Legends Podcast #249 – Rick Wayne, Part One

1967 IFBB Mr. World Rick Wayne joins the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast for Part One of his interview to talk about his illustrious career in bodybuilding. Rick was one of the best bodybuilders to compete in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s before beginning his writing career working for Joe Weider’s Muscle Builder and Flex Magazines. Rick was also the author of Muscle Wars, The Bodymen and the Three More Reps books. In Part One of his interview, Rick talks about how he started bodybuilding from his home in St. Lucia, working for Joe Weider and meeting a young 19 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1966.

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0:00 – Start of interview
1:20 – Rick talks about how he started bodybuilding
6:50 – Moving to England
9:30 – The writers who inspired Rick Wayne
12:08 – Joe Weider’s strategy with his magazine
12:55 – Jack Neary’s writing for Muscle Builder
14:00 – Joe Weider’s influence on bodybuilding
21:00 – Rick Wayne’s bodybuilding articles
22:30 – The bodybuilder’s image in the magazines
25:00 – Peter McGough and the Muscleaneous column
26:45 – Joe’s love for bodybuilding
28:30 – Arnold’s love-hate relationship with Joe Weider
30:18 – Who Joe loved more than Arnold
31:00 – Meeting Arnold at 19 years old
34:56 – “I was not a serious bodybuilder”
36:08 – Arnold knew what he wanted
40:00 – Rick’s focus when he was training
41:24 – Arnold’s gift to Lou Ferrigno
43:24 – Arnold’s closest friends
46:37 – Getting whatever you want out of life
48:13 – Rick’s steroid use
50:30 – Writing about the real Arnold
53:58 – Jack Neary’s Mr. Olympia report

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