Debunking Myths, Approaches To Managing Pain & Exposing Fitness Lies With Layne Norton | 068

This week, I am excited to have Layne Norton with me on the podcast. Layne has been a huge inspiration and a source of knowledge since my health and fitness journey began. After years of study and research, he obtained a PhD in nutritional sciences, and his extensive knowledge is evident in our conversation. We’ll be delving into topics ranging from the science and psychology of pain to navigating misinformation to the science behind our eating habits. You’re bound to come away from this episode smarter than before.

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0:00 Intro
0:47 Welcome
5:13 The science of pain
19:21 Injuries during training tapers
25:13 Consistency is an equalizer
36:34 Mechanistic studies
46:51 Do the research
54:51 Identifying who an expert is
59:06 Why we’re addicted to negativity
1:04:41 Managing the misinformation
1:15:47 Types of testing and research
1:25:10 Intermittent fasting
1:39:37 Eating habits
1:32:21 Cell autophagy and fasting
1:36:40 Blood sugar levels
1:45:04 Eating frequency
1:48:48 Tracking serving sizes
1:54:34 Stepping over rocks to pick up pebbles
2:10:00 Deadlifting

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