Dr Layne Norton: Dogma won’t die but it must be destroyed if people want to be fitter and healthier

You don’t need to spend much time on health and fitness Instagram before realising that dogma is everywhere.

People spend hours each day in back-and-forth disputes and outright hostilities with those who disagree with them, never willing to concede any ground, let alone back down entirely, when the weight of evidence is insurmountable.

Dr Layne Norton – aka @biolayne1 – first made a name for himself in the global health, fitness and nutrition industry for arguing that dogma is dead, advocating a purely research-backed approach to information and advice, sticking to the science and never wavering from what we know works.

He then found even greater fame with his relentless approach of going after people pushing dogmatic views, often praying upon the desperation, naivety and innocence of millions for their own financial gain.

Constantly calling out the grifters is exhausting work but as Dr Norton explains in our exclusive #Unfiltered interview, he’s never going to stop his hunt for the social media charlatans.

Why? Because when the stakes are this high, and the potential impact of inaction could lead desperate individuals down the wrong path that may make their physical and mental health worse, rather than better, keeping his mouth shout just isn’t an option.

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