Dr. Testosterone: Doctors Need To Help Make Steroid Use In Bodybuilding Safe

Dr. George Touliatos, aka Dr. Testosterone, discusses steroid use and abuse in bodybuilding.

While not every athlete does it, the use of steroids in bodybuilding is quite prevalent. While technically illegal for recreational use – bodybuilders and many other athletes across all sports utilize these drugs to push the limits of athletic performance. But how dangerous is this kind of use for athletes? And do bodybuilders specifically abuse steroid doses to achieve such massive muscle? Dr Testosterone believes that steroid use is a bodybuilders job – even if it reaches levels that can become dangerous. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Dr. Testosterone explains why he thinks doctors should make it their job to help make this kind of steroid use safer for bodybuilders.

As the law stands right now in the United States, using steroids for athletic performance is illegal. The reason for this is due to the risks that come with taking doses too regularly and at too high doses. This is usually the case that athletes, especially bodybuilders, need to put themselves into. In order to achieve such extreme levels of athletic success, the doses of steroids go above and beyond what doctors usually prescribe.

Due to this, doctors often completely advise against the use of steroids in sports. It’s illegal and it would be illegal for a doctor to condone or advise an athlete to use performance enhancing drugs. Dr. Testosterone thinks that this is a problem.

While Dr. Testosterone doesn’t condone steroid use – he understands that bodybuilders and athletes will continue to find a way to use performance enhancing drugs. It’s impossible to fully regulate. The proof is in the fact that bodybuilders have been using steroids for decades. Dr. T is clear that long term and even permanent damage is possible after repeated and consistent steroid use. It’s the risk athletes are willing to take for their sport. But Dr. T also believes that many of the dangerous side effects can be lessened if doctors helped advise athletes throughout steroid use instead of ignoring it completely.

Right now a doctor could lose their license for knowingly prescribing steroids to athletes for performance enhancements. But Dr. Testosterone believes that steroid use would overall be safer if every pro bodybuilder had a doctor that could regularly prescribe, advise, and check in on the athlete throughout their career.

Certainly some of this is happening off the books. But the mere fact that steroids and performance enhancing drugs operate in the dark lead to potential misinformation and misuse by athletes who don’t have the connections or ability to enter these illegal channels.

Like many other illegal drugs in this world, there are those who believe keeping them strictly illegal ultimate hurts more people than helps. If a person is afraid to see a doctor after using illegal drugs, they may avoid a hospital visit that could save their life. While steroids are rarely that immediately dangerous, it seems Dr. Testosterone has the same overall viewpoint. His statements in our interview are clear. Yes, pro bodybuilders currently abuse steroids. It’s not going to stop because it’s part of their job as athletes. The only way to help keep this extreme use healthy is for doctors to have the freedom to help athletes stay safe.

You can watch Dr. Testosterone’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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