Ep 10 – Fitness & Nutrition Q/A – Tamil

This is a Q/A episode. All Q/A are answered, Please refer the below timestamp for reference.

0:54 – Question 1: Ronaldo maari lean body aaga enna pannanum

06:21 – Question 2: Is walking really beneficial, glorified 10k steps or just waste of time? Pls explain it in detail.

10:34 – Question 3: Calories in vs calories out(burn) . How it works?

15.37 – Question 4: Difference between RIR and RPE

19:03 – Question 5: Bro yen body ல hip and lower back fat mattum iruku other places la lean iruku idhuku ena பண்றது.

21:29 – Question 6: whats the solution for imbalance chest fat

23:07 – Question 7: What content should fitness content creators should make … apart there current content . What is problem u notice with current fitness content creators ?

30:49 – Question 8: What are the reliable sources to get our fitness/health related information? Like any podcasts, youtube channels, insta profiles or any books, newsletters, blogs etc.

Recommendations: Layne Norton(biolayne), Mike Israetel(drmikeclips), RP strength(rpstrength), Joe Bennett(hypertrophycoach), Menno Henselmans(menno.henselmans), Eric helms(helms3dmj), 3D Muscle Journey (team3dmj), Alberto nunez(nunez3dmj) , Jeff (3dmj_godfather)

36:44 – Question 9: Give a brief explanation about whey isolate and whey concentrate and which is better and why ?

39:16 – Question 10: Is it ok to take more than one scoop of protein powder(whey/plant based) per day?

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