Estrogen increasing myths propagated by the clueless

If you’re a man who wants to reduce excess estrogen levels make sure to avoid alcohol, reduce body fat, and sleep well. Furthermore, avoid factory-farmed meat and dairy like the plague. If you think eating unhealthy animals is good for you, then you are beyond clueless or in serious denial. All alcohol converts testosterone to estrogen in men (Has the opposite effect in women). Alcohol also increases insulin resistance and is terrible for liver health. A healthy liver helps clear out toxins including excess estrogen-disrupting chemicals. the phytoestrogens in soy and flax are 1/10,000 the power of the real thing and not a concern. They may be an issue if you have a food sensitivity as that can cause an increase in inflammation and excess inflammation converts testosterone to estrogen. Otherwise, phytoestrogen-containing foods are not a problem.

To see what a perfect testosterone-to-estrogen ratio looks like, see my most recent blood work at

Regarding, marijuana usage and its impact on testosterone, estrogen, and growth hormone, Jerry Brainum wrote a comprehensive article on the topic and no one is better researched than he is on all things health and fitness related. He discussed this on the LLA show back in 2017 and has written about it extensively in his newsletter Applied Metabolics. Moreover, I have been a consumer of cannabis for decades and my most recent blood work clearly shows I have optimal testosterone and perfect estradiol levels.

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