Feeling Younger Taking Two Things

Thanks to the research of David Sinclair at Harvard, I’m not only looking younger, but I’m feeling decades younger than I am at age 56. Feeling younger began for me two years ago when I started taking Resveratrol and in 2020 I started also taking NMN. This is my story leading up to my personal transformation and the ways these two supplements have impacted my life. Subscribe and join me on this journey. I have many more videos planned, including interviews with top experts in the longevity and quality of life realms.

Here are links to AFEGA and DoNotAge where you can save on the supplements I’m taking.

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For DoNotAge use code “THEPULSE” to save 10%
(NMN capsules) https://donotage.org/products/pure-nmn-capsules/
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There is also a Subscription option at DoNotAge to save more


This is the microphone I use in this video
Sweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/3Pkn7K

________contents of video___________________
00:00 – Intro
01:03 – Feeling Old
03:07 – Finding David Sinclair
04:05 – Taking Resveratrol
05:58 – Taking NMN
06:56 – Avoid Fake Products
08:04 – My NMN Experience
10:15 – Fooled By Amazon
13:55 – Finding AFEGA
16:59 – Science Community
18:04 – Buying From DoNotAge
20:03 – How I Take Supplements

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