4:20 – Dave I am following your diet approach this off season. I notice if I go over 200g carbs I have a tendency to add body fat. In my case do you suggest adding additional fat? If so how much do you suggest a 200 pound male can handle at a sitting?
7:00 – Dave, as an aging male would you suggest the use of any S*RMs or peptides with my hormone replacement?
9:58 – Why don’t people honor Lee Haney like they do Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates?
13:05 – Dave’s thoughts on Fakri Mubarak saying Flex Lewis will win 2020 O if no Phil?
15:07 – Can high estrogen levels cause your body to store more fat at certain areas even if you are in a caloric deficit? Or rather make you hold on to those areas of fat?
19:09 – Milos Sarcev doesn’t suggest eating fats and carbs in the same meals while dieting but having fats only in the first and last meal. I know you like all 3 macros in all of the meals, but do you know why he, and some other people too, prefer it that way?
21:20 – Dave have you worked with many high level powerlifters and if so, how do you apply your nutrition and high intensity training principles to a powerlifter?
22:55 – Do you ever turn down clients because they’re giving off “uncoachable” vibes?
25:35 – Do you think that the classic physique division will ever outshine the open bodybuilding division at the Mr. Olympia? I’m terms of attraction to the show, payout, etc?
28:23 – I don’t have a gallbladder. What would be the best way to detoxify my liver?
29:41 – Do bodybuilders using colostrum supplements? And what are the benefits?
32:19 – Should you rest when you feel drained even though it is supposed to be a workout day or you should push through it?

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