Hardgainers are a MYTH!

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Today we’re in deep on hardgainers and how they can figure out why they’re not building muscle. The most common reasons come down to training and nutrition. They either don’t train with the intensity needed to illicit a response, they aren’t actually hitting the target muscle or in rare cases they are overtraining/under recovering.

Nutrition is another common reason and while all macronutrients play a role more often than not it’s because they have an insufficient amount of protein in their diet. After that you want to make sure you stack the deck in your favor by eating health fats and centering your carbohydrate intake around when you train but at the end of the day protein is king.

Lastly there are a few people who are doing everything right but still not getting results. If that’s you then you need to test! Everything from blood, saliva, urine and stool. After that you’ll know exactly what’s holding you back because no one is really a “hardgainer” it’s just a matter of figuring out what’s holding you back!

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