Holly Invites You to Our Spring into Summer Challenge – Win $5,000

🌴☀️Who is ready to LOVE their body this summer 😍 I think YOU are ready!

If you’ve read this far, I am excited you have considered choosing us to help you achieve your health & fitness goals – we do not take that responsibility lightly.

🌴What is the challenge 😃?
The 12 Week ‘Spring into Summer’ challenge is more than your average transformation challenge, it’s a lifestyle program designed to teach you how develop habits that will help you to safely and effectively ACHIEVE, and SUSTAIN, your long term fitness goals, whether it be it to lose fat, gain muscle or simply improve your general health & fitness levels.

☀️ We know many of you have BIG goals for 2022, and we want to support you along this journey, by giving you FULL access to our evidenced based tools, and share with you, our nutrition and training methods.

👉🏽12 weeks access to our brand new Workout Builder platform, with over 55 programs, catering to all experience levels and training interests (strength, powerlifting, muscle building and the like).

👉🏽 A 12 week subscription to our brand new research review titled REPS (Research Explained in Practical Summaries). As many of you know, one of the key characteristics that sets us apart is our passion for sharing science-backed education & debunking the nonsense that has taken over the internet.

We take complex science and make it easy for even the average person to understand.

👉🏽 our very first Cardio Workout Guide, which contains 30+ workouts for all our cardio enthusiasts. This is your personal workout guide, which you can print out, log your weights and personal records and take your fitness to the next level.

👉🏽 My brand new fitness Bible 😆 The “Spring into Summer” Challenge Welcome Guide. This is a NEW educational ebook that contains a wide range of general nutrition and training education, which explains with an incredible level of detail, how to tailor your program and get the most out of the next 12 weeks.

⚠️If you are ready to SIGN UP, CLICK HERE NOW!:

12 Week ‘Spring into Summer’ Challenge

🥳ONLY $99.00 to enter 🥰
⭐️⭐️⭐️All participants are eligible for the $5,000 USD prize⭐️⭐️⭐️

We are excited to watch you thrive these next 12 weeks!

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Biolayne Workout Builder http://www.biolayne.com
Carbon Diet Coach http://onelink.to/suf72v
Beauty and the Geek Podcast https://pod.fo/e/e3186



Accredited Practicing Dietitian
APD. Holly Baxter
Ms. Dietetics
Bs. Food Science & Nutrition
Online Nutrition & Physique Coach
2x Natural World Champion Fitness Model

For all coaching inquiries, please email me
📩 hb@biolayne.com

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