Hormones aren’t why you don’t lose weight | Ft. Layne Norton

In my most recent Q& A with Layne Norton ‎@biolayne1 , we covered a wide range of topics… even a few I wasn’t expecting like cancer nutrition and mental health

Additionally, we covered topics that are mostly related to mental health, lean body mass loss & cancer, gut health & fibers , transitioning from macro tracking to informed eating, hormones- menopause- hypothyroidism and PCOS & metabolic rate- energy balance

What’s the longest a person can spend without training before they start losing muscle?

How do you make a nice transition from macro tracking without feeling you lose all your progress once you dont track anymore ?⁣⠀3 major priorities when it comes to losing weight without tracking

Someone with hypothyroidism or hashimotos or pcos will have a very hard time losing weight due to affected BMR?

Perimenopause and the challenges with body composition , what’s the missing link?

Types of Fiber & Energy balance – net carbs

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00:00 Intro

00:57 How long does it take for muscle mass loss to begin after abstaining from training.

02:35 Is there any protocols that can help mitigate muscle loss.

07:26 Talking about Cancer Cachexia and misconceptions surrounding its management.

12:51 What to keep in mind when transitioning from tracking food to eating without tracking.

16:36 The advantages of not being distracted while eating and being mindful

18:19 Menopause, Peri-Menopause and the challenges with body composition

22:07 Does having hypothyroidism or PCOS negatively affect the basal metabolic rate (BMR).

24:16 Here are the requirements to live a healthy lifestyle.

25:05 How to reduce injury risk

26:36 How psychology and physiology are interconnected

35:14 Anti-depressant effects on the overall well-being

37:36 Is there a relationship between the microbiome and the Psychological state

41:32 What are heavy metals and their effects on our bodies

43:18 Fiber types, their digestion, and whether to count them from your calories or not

50:17: Outro

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