How Does Coming Off Steroids Affect Cortisol And Estrogen Levels? | Straight Facts

While not condoned by the IFBB – it’s common knowledge that many bodybuilders (pro or otherwise) utilize steroids in order to reach the freaky size that spectators find so exciting. But after all the hard work while using steroids, what happens to your body after you stop taking the drug? Do all of your gains instantly disappear? The short answer is in a sense… yes.

In this week’s episode of Straight Facts Jerry Brainum answers a fan question explaining what happens to the body after coming off steroids – specifically when it comes to Cortisol and Estrogen levels. Want to prevent losing those gains as much as possible after a cycle? let Jerry give you the best advice on how to maximize your body (and your health) after leaving steroids behind. Watch the new episode above.

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