How Testosterone Level Affects Prostate Cancer Outcomes | Answering YouTube Comments #64 | PCRI

Medical Oncologist, Mark Scholz, MD, answers patients’ questions from our YouTube comments on whether testosterone levels prior to prostate cancer treatment can predict treatment outcomes, and other questions about hormone therapy.

0:09 Do testosterone levels indicate how well hormone therapy will work or the time until hormone therapy resistance?

2:51 What are the testosterone levels going to look like for someone on hormone therapy?

3:47 If someone adds a second-generation anti-androgen to standard hormone therapy, would their PSA be expected to fall even lower?

4:15 If the testosterone level is really low, is the anti-cancer effect enhanced?

4:51 Do drugs like Lupron or Firmagon cause joint pain?

5:51 How can I best mitigate the discomfort from having Firmagon shots into my abdomen?

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