How to Boost Free Testosterone with Boron: Thomas DeLauer

How to Boost Free Testosterone with Boron: Thomas DeLauer-
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Low testosterone levels occur for many men as they age, and some of us can even experience this problem when we are young. Low testosterone can lead you to feel fatigued, having a low libido and even have trouble gaining muscle. In a study published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology in 2011, boron supplementation was given to male volunteers and was paired with steroid hormone level measurements, looking at the impact hourly, daily and weekly. After one week of supplementation:

-Free testosterone increased
-Estrogen levels decreased
-Dihydrotestosterone levels increased
-Vitamin D levels increased
-Decrease in SHBG six hours after supplementation
-Inflammation markers decreased

Testosterone is useable in the body when it is free. Most testosterone in the body is bound to the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Through the decrease in SHBG it is likely that testosterone is freed into the blood in the useable form. Vitamin D is also positively correlated with testosterone levels, so by increasing vitamin D in plasma testosterone would increase as well.

The same researchers conducted a study in 1997 that found boron supplementation at 10 mg/day in men increased both testosterone and estrogen levels after four weeks. In this study, it was found that only 84% of the boron that was taken was found in the urine. This suggests that the remainder was used in the body. This is a high level of bioavailability. Just as in these studies, the studies that have been conducted have found varying effects on estrogen, some showing it decreasing, some increasing, and some showing no effect.
Another study published by BioImmersion Inc. in 2006 found that men who supplemented with boron in the form of fructo borate for two weeks experienced increased levels of vitamin D and testosterone levels.
-Free testosterone increase of 29.5%
-Vitamin D3 increase of 19.6%
-Estrogen changes varied with no established trend
-DHEA increase of 56%

Tips: Minerals are not easily passed out of your body, so you want to be careful not to take too much. You do not want to take too much boron as it may become toxic at greater than 20 mg per day, which is set as the Tolerable Upper Limit (TUL) of boron. One study on male bodybuilders found no increase in testosterone levels when supplementing for 7 weeks with 2.5 mg of boron, so it seems that higher than this may be necessary to see results. Recommended daily supplementation ranges from about 6 mg to 20 mg per day. You can also increase your dietary intake of boron through consuming organic fruits and veggies, including fruits, vegetables, legumes and tubers.

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