How to Calculate Maintenance Calories / Diet Break Macros!

?Diet Breaks – How to calculate your new maintenance calories for a diet break? ?

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I like science ? ? and my goal is to help as many of you guys as possible make positive changes to your nutrition ? and training??⛹?‍♀️, and thus improve your overall body composition and enhance your performance be it for a chosen sport ? or just optimizing day to day living!

I’ve already shared a multitude of videos on my YouTube Channel about optimal methods of fat loss, including an depth discussion about the recent notion known as a ‘DIET BREAK’.

A diet break is a defined period of time during a diet (ideally 7 days), where we increase our calories to our current ‘maintenance intakes’, and this has been shown in scientific literature to help attenuate the negative adaptions often seen to our resting metabolic rate during a continuous calorie deficit.

A diet break has also shown to help retain or preserve a greater % of lean body mass while undergoing a diet for weight loss when compared to continuous dieting methods.

I’m often asked how to calculate your macros for a diet break, as our true maintenance is constantly changing, so this video explains the math ✍? and logic ? behind the calculation, so you can accurately calculate your own macros so you don’t overshoot and gain weight, or continue losing weight during your scheduled diet break.

Remember☝?, for the above to be effective in minimizing metabolic adaption and helping preserve lean mass, we are trying to select calories that are right at your maintenance (your weight should remain stable, no loss or gain).

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