How to Dominate Your New Year’s Fitness Goals | Celebrity Trainer, Steve Jordan

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, our guest today suffered from a traumatic brain injury in his early life which catapulted him into finding his passion in holistic health and fitness. At the start of Steve Jordan’s career, he became a personal trainer at the White House under the Clinton administration. After his time at the White House, he became a celebrity trainer who helped coach and transform some of the world’s most influential people including A-list celebrities, professional athletes, titans of industries, and all those committed to improving their health and fitness. Recently, he released a book called “22 Ways to Optimal Health & Fitness.”

Today, we dive into:
• Why HIIT training is the least effective way to exercise
• The appropriate amount of exercise needed to get fit
• And why longevity is the front runner for fitness goals

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To learn more about Steve Jordan, click here!

0:00 Intro
2:56 How Should You Maintain Your Fitness Goals as a Busy Person?
7:43 Stories About His Celebrity Clientele
17:20 Why Has Longevity Become a Number One Priority in Fitness?
26:55 How Do People Find Their “Why” & Motivation to Be Successful in Their Fitness Journey/Business?
38:37 How Do You Change Your Views From Seeing Fitness as Pain to Something Enjoyable?
45:05 Different Ways to Incorporate Fitness Into Your Life Without Going to the Gym
53:01 How Can You Prioritize Fitness In Your Life Instead of Seeing it as an Option?
1:03:00 Is Working Out Less More Effective Than Working Out More? Is HIIT Training Effective?
1:16:33 How Has Steve Jordan Escaped His Limits?

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