How To Keep Getting Bigger

After sharing a conversation with Layne Norton (BioLayne) at the Arnold Classic about how tough it is to build muscle as a natural lifter after 40 with over 20 years of lifting experience, I received a comment asking my thoughts on Alex Leonidis (Alpha Destiny) recent video where he shares how he keeps getting bigger.

This is the beauty of the YouTube community and those of us who are transparent, raw, and real with our ongoing transformation journey. We get to see what’s working for others at different stages of the process and decide if we want to try it for ourselves and see how our body responds.

Geoffrey Verity Schofield also recorded a video where he shared his thoughts on Alex’s progress along with how similar it is to the progress he’s been making in recent years as well. The consensus between the 3 of us is that muscle gains do slow down with training experience and that continuing to make progress really comes down to putting in the hard freak’n work!

In today’s video I offer a bit of perspective as a bro in his late 40’s with decades of lifting experience compared to the progress younger bro’s like Alex and Geoffrey are making and what us more experiences lifters need to consider if we want to continue making those natty gains.

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