How to Set up for a Contest Prep – Week 7

In this week’s video, we discuss:

1. Compliance to your macros. How compliant are you really being? The extra discipline that’s required during a contest prep.
2. How to calculate your energy requirements, are they accurate for your individual metabolism, and how metabolic adaptation can affect predictive equations.
3. What happens if you regain weight too quickly during your diet break. When should you make adjustments to your targets?
4. How Holly overcame bulimia and binge eating disorder. The mental struggle with taking time off dieting, accepting her body and shifting her focus to the important things in life.
5. Adipose cell differentiation – why rapid calorie increases are making your fatter
6. Holly’s weekly compliance and results
7. How we set her ‘Diet Break’ macros
8. How to download and use the Macro Tracker – available on my website

With 2 full weeks of dieting at 165g protein, 135g carbs, and 47g fat, Holly’s weight has dropped from 68.1kg to today’s weight of 66.3kg totaling 1.8 kg weight loss.

Her average weekly weight does not quite reflect this drop yet, for example, last week’s average weight was 67.7kg, this is due to her weight fluctuation and is totally normal. This week’s average was 66.5 kg.
To keep things consistent with the way she reports – she’s lost 1.2 kg, taking in to account her averages.

Her new 7-day diet break macros are:
165 P
190 C
49 F

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