Intermittent Fasting does NOT Improve Fat Loss?

A large recent randomized control trial examined whether intermittent fasting (IF) was super for fat loss compared to a normal non-IF diet approach. This study was different for a few reasons. For one, the lead researcher, Ethan Weiss, lost weight using an IF approach and hypothesized that IF would be better for fat loss than non-IF. They had subjects use IF or non-IF for 12 weeks and examined fat loss, lean body mass, blood pressure, blood glucose, insulin, blood lipids, etc. They found virtually no differences between the groups except for 2 things

1) the group doing IF lost significantly MORE lean body mass than the non-IF group
2) the group doing IF spontaneously decreased their activity (as measured by step counts) more than the group doing non-IF.

Virtually everything else was the same between groups: fat loss, weight loss, blood lipids, blood glucose, insulin, HOMA-IR, etc.

Weiss said his study disproved what he believed and he actually no longer uses an IF approach because of it. Now I’m not saying IF can’t be a viable tool for some people, because it can. But it’s simply not superior to non-fasting approaches.


Thread on twitter where Weiss discusses the study:

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