Iron Debate – ACETO “The Technician” vs Jerry Brainum – 6/25/15

Iron Debate is LIVE at a special time, 4 pm (EST), as Dave and Chris welcome the highly revered industry veteran Jerry Brainum into the fold.

Here’s what we’re debating tomorrow:

1. When a competitor wins the MR OLYMPIA contest—the greatest bodybuilding title in the world- they receive the coveted Sandow Trophy. Currently, on EBAY, someone is selling one of the SANDOWS. The bidding is starting at $10,000. The seller refuses to release his identity. Is this disrespectful to the Weider legacy and the history of the Mr Olympia..Or is it a case of just another broke athlete selling their championship “ring”?

2. With all the self-proclaimed GURUS in the bodybuilding world…….guys who claim to be the most knowledgeable coaches in the business…what does it mean when these individuals post up (on social media) NUTRITION TIPS OF THE WEEK that are either not accurate, scientifically incorrect, or just downright embarrassing?

3. What’s the best diet—macronutrient wise—to lose body fat? Are the insanely high carb diets that some of the top pros claim to use send the wrong message to most competitors who don’t have their incredible genetics?

4. What are the 3 most effective performance enhancing drugs that a competitor can use to get ready for a bodybuilding competition, and why?

5. Who was the best and worst magazine publisher over the years? Why?

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