Jerry Brainum on Heart Disease, Genetics, Fish Oil, and More

Timestamps by Jax:

0:00 Intro
1:48 Leo on the hospital where Lucy gave birth
6:00 When people trust doctors
7:00 Subscribe to
7:18 Krill oil and Alzheimer’s/ Subscription fees
11:42 Research assistants
12:48 More on
14:25 Commentary on vaccination
17:48 Individual liberty vs social responsibility
18:36 Leo and Jerry on conspiracy theories
20:39 Booster shots
21:48 Long term effects of covid
24:46 Jerry’s dog
26:09 Bodybuilders, kidney replacement, and covid
27:10 Dante Trudel/ Making videos about health after someone passes
28:59 Jerry on John Meadows
30:11 Jerry explains Myocardial Infarctions ( heart attacks) and Ventricular Fibrillation (a deadly heart arrhythmia)
33:01 Clotting abnormality SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms)
Cell gene, LPL gene, ADRB2 gene, ABO gene, SLC44a2
33:50 HDL production SNP
CETP gene
34:06 Lipid panel blood tests
34:56 The difference between LDL and oxidized LDL
36:14 Coronary calcium score/ Bodybuilders and cardiac issues
37:49 Doctor_LPA on Twitter
38:35 GH and Lipoprotein a/ Long term HGH use, joint pain, aging, the hayflick limit, and cancer
44:13 Carpal tunnel and acromegaly
45:42 Antagonistic pleiotropy (something good for you when you’re young, but bad for you when you’re old.)/ IGF1 and cancer
49:05 VEGF and life extension
50:43 Different kinds of GH, TB500, and BPC157
51:47 Different types of IGF1
52:55 DNA repair mechanisms and genetic abnormalities
55:06 Intermittent fasting and resetting DNA repair mechanisms
56:00 Leo and Jerry Ray Peat’s fish oil beliefs
58:22 Different kinds of strokes: (Cerebral thrombosis, and Ischemic strokes)
1:00:35 Macrodosing fish oil and antioxidants
1:02:14 Oxidised fish oil vs non oxidized fish oil
1:05:32 Fish oil liquid vs soft gels
1:06:30 IFOS (international fish oil standards)/ Fish oil advertising scams
1:10:14 Protein product issues
1:13:55 Tribalism with supplements and medicine/ The importance of intelligent discourse
1:16:25 What should be focused on in politics/ Foreign issues

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