Jerry Brainum || On the Real Inventor of HIT: Arthur Jones, & Mike Mentzer, Nasser Elsonbaty, & More

Jerry’s channel:

Timestamps by Jax:
0:00 Intro/ How Leo’s wife is doing
0:49 Why didn’t Jerry have kids?
1:58 Is it illogical to have children?
3:37 How many kids are too many?
5:58 Did Leo and his wife want kids more?
6:44 Couples divorcing after having kids?
7:23 Grandparents raising a kid
8:28 Applied metabolics
9:59 John Hanson
10:50 Who did Jerry learn the most about weightlifting from?
14:35 Mike Mentzer and Arthur Jones training
18:45 Nautilus machines
21:26 Getting weaker as you get older/ Going to near failure instead of 90% of one-rep max
23:29 Michael Franzese’s father and longevity
24:50 Astaxanthin/ Melatonin and C reactive protein
26:50 Mega dosing melatonin
28:04 The colorado experiment/ Myonuclei
31:26 Leg exercises in the 70s through the 2000s
33:35 Past bodybuilder using calf implants
35:26 Who was the first Jewish and Arab bodybuilders?
36:16 Egyptian bodybuilders with huge quads/ The Mamluk empire
37:46 Nasser El Sonbaty
38:55 Jerry on vaccination/ Immune system fluctuations
41:06 Peter Attia’s podcast
41:41 Idiotic subscribers and anti-vaxxers
43:59 Demonization of what people don’t understand
46:05 CDC statement
46:55 Trailing symptoms of covid
48:03 Covid and cerebrolysin
49:36 How the vaccine works
51:51 Why misinformation is spread so easily
52:32 Hedonistic drug use in the 70s
54:23 Do female bodybuilders live harder lives later down the line?
56:36 Females using Nolvadex
57:48 Females taking SARMS
58:22 Jerry on steroids, serotonin and omega 3 fatty acids
1:00:06 Jerry on fish oil and longevity
1:00:49 Leo and Jerry on modern science journalists
1:02:32 Using technical terms which most people don’t understand
1:03:54 Medical doctors vs chiropractic doctors
1:05:26 Lack of evidence as to the origins of the virus
1:07:38 People don’t want the truth/ People are not curious

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