Joel Seedman NEEDS to Stop! (SERIOUSLY)

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Fancy jargon, inappropriately cited research studies, circus stunts instead of exercises, and accredited with every credential under the sun – this basically sums up Dr. Joel Seedman and his training methods. But do these methods really have any value when it comes to building muscle & strength and improving performance? Or are they simply a way to make yourself stand out among all the noise, providing a platform to extract money from unwitting people and institutions?

My contention is that it’s the latter. In today’s video we will dive into 3 specific examples of content pulled either from Dr. Joel’s Instagram page, YouTube channel, or web site, and examine each piece of content thoroughly to learn exactly why this is the case and why the good Doctor (and everyone else of his ilk) is doing a massive disservice to the fitness industry as a whole by promoting complexity for the sake complexity while, thanks to their laundry list of credentials and use of big words, appearing to the outsider to be highly knowledgeable on this subject matter.

0:32 Introduction
6:28 Example #1 :Re-Inventing the Wheel (Front Curled Squat)
10:05 Example #2: Misusing Accommodating Resistance (Bands)
15:07 Example #3: The 405lbs Lunge/Shallow Squats
16:26 Dubious or Outright Contradictory Citations
19:54 Me “Lunging” 405lbs to Prove a Point (Joel’s Challenge)
22:58 My Challenge Back to Joel
24:17 Conclusion

Dr. Joel’s Squat Articles:
Why Everyone Can and Should Squat the Same
The Squat Everyone Can and Should Do

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