John Meadows Full Interview | Bodybuilder Health, Supplement Transparency, & More

In living memory of John Meadows. A truly beloved bodybuilder and coach. Generation Iron offers condolences to friends, family, and the many he has touched in bodybuilding:

Watch the full uncut GI Exclusive interview with John Meadows.

We have released GI Exclusive highlights from our interview with John Meadows over the past few months. Now we’re releasing our full interview including topics such as the future health problems of bodybuilders, how supplement companies lie to athletes, the biggest mistake young bodybuilders make, and more! That’s just a few highlights featured in our over forty minute video interview with Meadows.

For those who are not familiar with John Meadows, he is a bodybuilder and entrepreneur – but is probably best known for the rare circumstances he overcame in his journey to become a pro. During his early days in the sport, suffered from a rare colon disease that nearly killed him. Eventually his colon burst and he was rushed to the hospital.

Luckily he survived and after months of recovery he returned to bodybuilding to do what he loved – eventually earning his pro card. But his past health conditions gave him a different perspective on bodybuilding and life. He needs to continually put a focus on his health in a way many people don’t.

That’s why our conversation with John Meadows is so enlightening – he understands the risks bodybuilders need to take but he also understands the importance these athletes need to put on their health. Throughout our conversation we touch upon many subjects – but the constant through line is how much athletes need to focus on doing everything possible to be healthy while they take the risks required to compete on a pro level.

Most athletes are not taking all the precautions they can. And young bodybuilders especially can be influenced by misleading information on the internet or from low grade coaches spewing nonsense. Meadows argues that bodybuilders need to put just as much work into research on health as they do in the gym.

You can watch the 40+ minute conversation in our latest GI Exclusive full interview above!

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