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Who had a bit of a moment over Easter. This was the first Easter in 5 years I had zero stress or anxiety. Why this year and not others? I’ve been out of the ‘contest scene’ and on reasonable calories for 2 years. My last difficult “contest prep diet” started on Easter of 2019, so I’ve now had time to
A. Get my body fat back to a point which is healthy for me to sustain
B. I’ve had lots of time to reestablish some new “food norms”.
C. I’ve had time to work on overcoming my eating disorder and Ive had MUCH NEEDED time to HEAL from this. Some things just need time.

What was super interesting about this weekend, and I discuss this at length in todays update was that I experienced several very uncomfortable moments, (this went on for days 😲). I was having all these emotions I have not felt since I was back dieting. Today I share with you exactly what happened this past weekend which triggered those old feels’, and what actions I took to stop myself from falling back into old habits. It was HARD but I persevered and I am so impressed with myself☺ Its easy to criticize yourself when you make a mistake but being able to give yourself credit when you do something well is important. Not only does is give you proof of your ability to overcome something difficult, it encourages more of that same behavior!
I know you will going to enjoy this video and please 🙏🏻 Let me know if this was helpful!
I LOVE💜 reading your feedback! I do spend a lot of time preparing content and it really helps me understand how I can best help you guys!) You guys are THE reason I do this!

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