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This is one heck of a update!!! This week marks week 2 of the ‘Road to Worlds’ program which is a collaboration with the our training programmer the Biolayne Workout Builder and our nutrition coach @carbondietcoach! We have some 700+ girls following along on the program thus far and its certainly not too late to join us if you’d like to get involved! It’s been so awesome to have everyone sharing their experiences so far on the Road to worlds Facebook group, asking questions and getting after their goals! Learn more about it by clicking the link in my bio!

This week I started the process of getting all my outfits organized for the show. I had my first meeting with a designer where we went over theme wear ideas, styles for the formal dresses and most importantly brainstorm colors and designs for the bikini!

We also had a @Teambiolayne event this weekend to celebrate the end of the 16 Week Diet & Lifestyle Remodel. We had a great time and huge congratulations to everyone who was involved in this challenge! I’m am blown away by the results which you’ll be able to see on the coaches page this week where all the winners of each category are being announced!!

I also took a road trip to Orlando on Sunday for a @wbffentertainment for a posing workshop which was a lot of fun! Practiced my posing (It’s been a hot minute) and met some awesome new faces to the federation.

@biolayne and I had our wedding anniversary just to add to it all, and lastly I NAILED my nutrition! You see me share my LIVE check in with @carbondietcoach and what’s on tap this coming week!

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