Keto Response – Ryan Lowery Keto Claims

So I was told by many of you about Ryan Lowery and his response video about the Joe Rogan Podcast. In it, he attempts to discredit much of the science behind much of what was said and refers mainly to it as “claims” So of course, i did what anyone else would do and fight “science” with science. Let’s discuss what he claimed, what studies he cited, and my response to his points.

Links discussed in the video:

First study discussed ‘showing’ differences in fat loss when protein and calories equated:

Meta-Analysis of 32 studies equating for protein and calories but differing in carbs and fats:

Metabolic Ward study by Kevin Hall:

2nd Metabolic Ward study showing that fat restriction resulted in greater fat loss than carb restriction: (full text is available so you can do a screen grab)

Fructose study:

Lowery’s profile on Pruvit:

The Ketogenic Bible by Lowery:

Lowery & Wilson’s original HMB + ATP study:

Our response paper to their HMB + ATP study:

Post on my website regarding their research:

Other criticisms of their research:

The HMB Controversy: Better than Steroids? (this also accused Lowery and Wilson of fraud on their ketogenic diet study)

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The BEST research breakdowns –

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