King Kamali Picks The Top 5 Bodybuilding Gyms In The World | King’s World

King Kamali shares the top 5 gyms he has ever trained at in the world.

KING’S WORLD – is a digital series starring King Kamali providing the honest truth on all things bodybuilding. Combining King Kamali’s patented blunt opinions with some tried and true informative facts, King’s World aims to expand your mind outside of the usual “rules” behind bodybuilding. Honest opinions, valuable facts, bodybuilding tips and a whole new way to look at bodybuilding. This week, King Kamali makes his picks for the top five gyms he has ever trained at in the world. New episodes air every Tuesday.

Not all gyms are created equal. For many lifelong bodybuilders, a gym can be like a home or a castle. It’s the place where they can forget the rest of the world and focus purely on training. It’s a waterhole of sorts for people of similar interests. Of course, this is only true if you find the right gym. A Planet Fitness, for example, has a very clear “no bodybuilders” policy. They are chain that simply tries to meet the bare minimum for the masses. It’s not a place for serious lifters.

But sometimes finding the right gym isn’t easy. Of course, in some respects the choice is limited to where you live. But for some athletes, a longer drive to another town might be worth it.

In our latest episode of King’s World, King Kamali breaks down the top five gyms that he has ever trained at in the world. Of course, almost all of you won’t be making these gyms your home. That being said, it’s certainly worth while to add them to your bucket list of gyms to visit before you die.

This list isn’t your usual “top 5” either. King Kamali, like all things he does, adds his own personal flair and attitude to the choices. Some will be massive gyms you have definitely heard of. Others will be hidden gems, names you shouldn’t forget if you’re ever in the mood to travel and see the best of what the bodybuilding gym world has to offer.

Check out the full episode and King Kamali’s top 5 picks in this week’s episode of King’s World above!

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